18 April 2018

Asian Dramas I'm Watching & Loving!

又一次 神秘的小森林

As it's KDrama month on Cateaclysmic and I've been sharing some of my drama related adventures in Korea I thought it appropriate to make this list all about, yes you've guessed it, all the Korean dramas I've been watching lately and boy have there been some good ones! I don't know what it is about Korean TV but I'm hooked, I even love their variety shows so if you'd like to see a post about some of the other Korean TV shows I like to watch that aren't dramas do let me know and I'll make a list of some of my faves for you to check out.

사랑의 온도
Temperature of Love is the story of two people, Hyun-Soo an aspiring drama series writer and Jung-Sun who dreams of becoming a chef, that first meet online and then develop an even closer relationship when they meet in person but soon they get separated after choosing different life paths but after several years of finding career success they are reunited once again. I really enjoyed this drama it was a nice break away from some of the heavier dramas I had been watching and as each episode is only 30 minutes long it makes it an easy one to dip in and out of, although I will admit I am guilty of binge watching 3 or 4 episodes in one go! The characters are very sweet and very real and I enjoyed seeing how their relationship developed despite all the problems thrown in their way, sometimes romance dramas can be ridiculously cheesy but this one wasn't at all it was very relatable. The food looked so good it kept making me hungry so maybe some snacks are needed when you watch it and it was a nice surprise to see P.O from Block B in this (one of my old fave Kpop groups) the character he played was just the cutest little bean!

당신이 잠든 사이에
Hong-Joo has the ability to see the future deaths of others in her dreams, although she's never sure of when they will happen but she tries to stop these dreams from becoming reality but has so far never succeeded. Jae-Chan, a rookie prosecutor, moves in across the street from her and has a strange dream about an accident involving Hong-Joo and when he realises his dream is about to become reality he takes action and ends up saving her life. After realising they both share the same ability they decide to work together to figure out their dreams and try to save the lives of the people that they love. So when I first heard about this drama I just thought it was just your typical romance story, I mean look at the posters, but after watching the first episode I realised it was so much more than that and I was hooked! I can definitely see why this is so popular, the supernatural elements, the mystery, the unique storyline and the amazing and beautiful cast (OMG Suzy can you be anymore pretty?) just make this drama a must watch and I can't believe I sat on it for so long, it's definitely worth all the hype it's been getting so check this one out especially if you're a fan of W or Circle.

Black or 444 is a grim reaper who inhabits the body of a human in order to find another reaper who has runaway from his duties but in the process he meets Ha-Ram who has the ability to see the shadows of death and a persons moment of death just by touching them, together they uncover the truth about a serial murder and struggle to save the lives of people but in doing so find themselves facing the consequences of breaking the rules of heaven. So I started watching this drama whilst I was ill and it gave me some pretty freaky fever dreams so I had to take a little break from finishing it because not only is it a long drama with each of the 18 episodes being 90 minutes in length it's quite a mentally heavy drama and deals with some very serious themes including, suicide, prostitution, paedophilia and sexual abuse, so be forewarned this is not your typical silly happy romance! The first episode had me really interested but the second episode confused me completely but after a few more episodes I got into it and found myself really intrigued with the characters and the unfolding storyline, there were so many twists and turns and just when you think one mystery is solved another one is uncovered and the plot just deepens, I would probably recommend you give some time to watch this drama as it's a lot to take in and not do what I did and watch it when you're sick, feverish and high on meds because I almost felt even more drained watching but that being said it was well done and even though you will be confused at times, you'll wonder what the heck happened with a certain plot line and feel like it will never end things do eventually start to make sense in an interesting way. I also really enjoyed the character of Black (not so much Ha-Ram though) and the reapers whose stories were all so intriguing and heartbreaking (everything is connected!) they also brought an element of humour to an emotionally heavy series which was very much needed. There's not really another drama I can compare this to as although it shares some of minor themes with previous supernatural dramas I've watched it's definitely the most serious and mentally challenging drama I've seen so far and is not really something you can take lightly especially when it's dealing with themes such as child abuse so be forewarned if you find those subjects triggering.

로봇이 아니야
Min-Kyu is rich, intelligent and handsome but he's forced to live in seclusion because of his unique allergy to people. Ji-A is an unsuccessful entrepreneur with big ideas who receives a phone call from her ex-boyfriend Baek-Gyun who is a world renown developer of android robots and needs her help. Min-Kyu has placed and order for Baek-Gyun's latest creation Aji 3 however after an accident occurs the android is broken and this is where Ji-A comes in as the android was built in her image, so Baek-Gyun desperate to secure investments for his projects promises Ji-A a significant amount of money in exchange for her to pretend she is Aji 3. I was pretty sure from the moment I heard about this dramas I would like it and I wasn't disappointed but I was not expecting to so strongly get hit in the feels! Min-Kyu starts off as quite a comedic character put into this unbelievable situation but as the series progresses a shift happens and you really start to empathise with his condition and what he's going though. By the end of this dramas I was just rooting for everyone to end up happy, I don't think there was a single character I disliked, they all had such great chemistry with each other and the romance (and friendships) was so damn cute it gave me a toothache. I definitely needed this light-hearted happy drama after watching Black although now I really want a robot... or even just a robot hoover!

Na Ra is a university student who wants to become a public servant and has never dated anyone. Jay is a popular magician in denial over the death of his younger brother. Joon is an intern at a hospital who wants only to bring joy to his patients hearts. These people gather at a magic school led by Master Han in order to learn the tricks of the trade and bring something more meaningful into each of their lives. This webdrama aired last year in weekly 10 minute slots but recently got a spot on TV as a 4 part drama so I just had to watch it to support my boys Jinyoung (GOT7) and Nichkhun (2pm), I'm so proud of my JYP fam and the success they've all be having in their solo projects but I'm not going to fangirl, you can follow my Twitter for that! I'm actually really into magic and for the longest time I wanted to be become a magician so was forever trying to learn new tricks so I really enjoyed the school element of this drama. Magic is used as a tool for each of the characters to fulfil a void in their lives, Na Ra's story is really cute and Joon is just adorable, of course I'd have a soft spot for these two haha!

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