15 November 2017

Zaful Winter Haul and Review

Zaful Winter Haul

Winter is here and although the climate in Thailand resembles a UK summer I will be visiting much colder climates soon so I thought I better get myself a few essentials because I don't even own a coat and I don't want to turn into a complete block of ice as soon as I step off the airplane! So after previously working with Zaful I had a few vouchers and Z Points to spend on the site and as I was really pleased with their quality and service last time I thought I would check them out and spend some of my own money there.

Zaful Winter Haul

I didn't actually want to invest too much into a winter wardrobe as I know I'll only really need it for the few weeks I'll be away and I'll of course be doing lots of shopping there so I mostly went for items that I knew I could layer and match with my existing wardrobe here. Every winter I seem to gravitate towards the colour red and this year it seems to be on trend and in fashion which means there's so many cute red items to chose from but I resisted the temptation and just got myself a sweater and a hoodie which were both really soft and comfy but quite thin so not really great for winter but perfect for the cooler weather in Thailand and I can always layer them with some thermal wear to make them more suitable for colder climates so I'll still get lots of wear out of them.

Zaful Winter Haul

When it comes to winter coats I can be extremely picky about them, in fact it was one of the first articles I wrote about on this blog because I think a good winter coat is essential and something you should invest in, but I decided to take a risk on getting one this time as I didn't feel the need to invest too much money into a coat I knew I would only be wearing for a short time. So I actually wasn't expecting too much from this coat but I absolutely adore it and it's everything you need for the winter it's thick, long, padded, hooded, fluffy, has lots of pockets and most importantly will keep me nice and toasty on those cold snowy days.

I wasn't asked to write this review this time, it was my own decision to shop with them and my own money that I spent but I just wanted to share the love with everyone and recommend them to anyone who's considering a purchase from them or is looking for some cute, cheap yet quality clothing. Once again I'm very pleased with everything from Zaful and it's definitely somewhere I will shop again if I need anything in the future.

What's your favourite item from my haul?
Love & Toasties

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