01 November 2017

Winter Wardrobe Wishlist from Twinkledeals

Twinkledeals got in touch with me recently and asked me to share a few of my favourite items from their site and as winter fashion is something I've been thinking a lot about lately with my upcoming Christmas holiday to colder climates I thought I would put together an outfit of what I'd like to be wearing this holiday season.

♥ Cold Shoulder Cropped Jumper - I know what you're thinking how is this winter it's cut out and cropped? But hear me out, this would actually be great for layering and something you can wear throughout all the seasons also during winter places blast their heaters on full heat so much you often end up sweating more than you think so this would be the perfect solution to that.

♥ Irregular Faux Leather Trim Turndown Collar Jacket - Mixing textures is one of my favourite winter trends, I love the look of shiny leather and fluffy wool together and this is a great versatile coat that should keep you warm and cosy during those cold days.

♥ Radio Shaped PU Leather Crossbody Bag - During winter you're so wrapped up in layers nobody can appreciate your cute outfit underneath so I like to jazz up my outfits with a statement bag and I thought this radio themed one would be the perfect match.

♥ Knee Length A Line Flounce Skirt - My outfits tend to be on the darker side but I love rich burgundy colours in the winter and as I hardly wear trousers I thought a thick comfy skirt would be quite festive and fun.

♥ Warm Rhinestone Crown Embellished Pom Hat - Hats are essential in winter and this one is simple yet cute and would fit the look well, the little crown embellishment even reminds me a little of those paper hats you get in Christmas crackers.

♥ Short Cylinder Anti Slip and Fleece Warm Martin Boots - It's important to get yourself a good pair of shoes in winter as it can get quite frosty and slippery out there, also cold toes are the worst feeling ever! These boots caught my eye as they're not only anti-slip but fleece lined so you have all the winter basics covered and they're such a nice simple design that you'll be able to wear them with any outfit.

What are your winter wardrobe essentials?
Love & Cranberry Cookies

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