31 July 2017

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (July 2017)


How is July over already? It's crazy to think the year is already half way done but at least I've been somewhat productive this month. I'm currently in Bangkok with the family and I'll be staying here for my birthday, a Day6 concert AND I'm going to be visiting Beijing in a few days which I'm very excited about as I haven't been to China since 2010 when I did volunteer work with pandas. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer, enjoy this months links...

♥ Easy Ways To Eliminate Negativity From Your Daily Life

♥ 4 Ways Teas Can Make You Feel Better When Sick

♥ The Truth About Full Time Blogging Answered

♥ The Most Destructive Thing I've Ever Done

♥ 5 Ways To Spoil Yourself Today


♥ How To Stress Less And Live More

♥ You Can Be Happy And Lonely At The Same Time

♥ 8 Reasons Cher Horowitz Is A Great Role Model

♥ Why You Should Be Meditating 

♥ My 10 Best Blogging Tips


♥ 11 Ways To Embrace Who You Are

♥ Ten Years Ago On Melrose

♥ 9 Food Travel Destination For Ultimate Foodies!

♥ Fashion Poses For Lifestyle Bloggers

♥ 10 Signs You Might Be A Confused Introvert

Louise Ebel

♥ How To Be More Positive 

♥ 20 Genius Space-Saving Hacks for Packing Your Suitcase

♥ 5 Things I'm Giving Up For A Happier Life

♥ 25 Simple Tips On Growing Your Blog

♥ Do You Have Just One Day In New York City? Here Are 15 Things To Do!

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