11 July 2017

Coffee & Cake Date #4: Innisfree Café - Myeongdong - Seoul - South Korea

Innisfree is one of my favourite beauty brands so on my recent trip to Seoul, South Korea I made sure to stop by the Innisfree Café in Myeongdong's main shopping street. I love that brands in Korea have monopolised on Korea's popular café culture and are offering their own unique take and Innisfree has gone all out on their nature theme decorating their cafe in fresh plants and flowers, even offering food and drinks based on this healthy and fresh theme.

Innisfree Café - Myeong-dong - Seoul - South Korea

I spent a good few hours just relaxing and enjoying the ambience and of course the food and drinks. Some concept stores are more concerned with the aesthetic of their food and drinks rather than the taste but Innisfree did not disappoint as everything I had there was fresh and amazing. I enjoyed a honey latte which came with some dried fruit to snack on, some very delicious egg and ricotta toast which came with one of the best side salads I'd ever eaten and their most popular dish the souffle hotcakes which were very light and fluffy and came with some beautiful decorated fresh fruit on the side.

Innisfree Café - Myeong-dong - Seoul - South Korea

Even if you're not a fan of shopping or skincare the Innisfree cafe is definitely somewhere you should visit as the food there is just so good! I actually visited the cafe twice whilst I was there and if I ever go back to Seoul it will definitely be high on my places to visit again.

Innisfree Café - Myeong-dong - Seoul - South Korea

อินนิสฟรีคือแบรนด์บิวตี้ฉันชอบที่สุด ตอนไปเที่ยวเกาหลีฉันอยากไปหาคาเฟ่ของอินนิสฟรี คาเฟ่อยู่เมียงดงสวยที่สุด มีดอกไม้มากๆแต่งร้าน อาหารอร่อยมาก หลังจากช้อปปิ้งมีอารมณ์ดีนั่งชิลล์ๆ อยากไปอีก

What brands would you love to have a café?
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