05 July 2017

Shopping in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is one of my favourite cities to shop in because it's so diverse you can pretty much find anything, from traditional wet markets to luxurious spas to super kawaii toy shops to arty concept stores there's something for everyone. I tend to think of shopping Seoul like visiting an art gallery as you don't necessarily visit the stores with the intention to buy but more to enjoy the mood and atmosphere created by each brands.

Style Nanda is one of Korea's most popular clothing stores and their stores are always full of ladies checking out the 3CE make-up range and taking selfies. Each store seems to have a unique very Instagramable concept and I visited the 3rd flagship store called Pink Hotel in the the heart of Myeondong. The store was just so beautiful, pink and pretty and such a unique experience, I loved how each floor had a unique theme relating to the overall hotel concept and if you were tired from all the shopping there was also a beautiful rooftop area where you could sit, relax and enjoy some drinks from the Pink Pool Cafe downstairs.

Samcheong-dong and the Bukchon Hanok Village is such a unique area of Seoul and definitely one of my fave places to explore. The whole area has kept its traditional old-style Korean look with many of the buildings there built in the traditional style and even newer brands that have opened up stores there have made sure to maintain this traditional look, it's almost like travelling through times long gone. There's also so many unique boutiques, cafes and galleries here it's definitely worth spending at least a day exploring.

There are many other amazing places to shop in Seoul a few more I've visited are Ewha, Hongdae, Garosu-gil and Gangnam which are all full of amazing boutique stores and unique cafes that you can easily spend a day exploring each and even if shopping isn't your thing it's worth checking out the stores just to see the unique concepts as they really go all out with the aesthetics that it almost becomes less about shopping and more about an experience which I think is one of the best things about shopping in Seoul.

What are some of your favourite shopping destinations?
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