23 January 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Songs That Changed My Life

I've struggled with this weeks Fandom 5 subject because music is such an emotional thing to me, everytime I think of 5 songs I think of 5 more which had some significance worth talking about so I thought I would make the task a little easier for myself and instead do 5 theme songs. Theme songs seem to be a dying breed in TV shows and although they can be hella cheesy they can also be totally uplifting to so here are 5 of the best.

I'll admit I've been watching a lot of Friends lately so the theme song is kinda stuck in my head although admittedly it has been since 1995! I love this one because it's just so damn catchy and fun, also it's all about friendships and sticking together through the bad times. Friends had a big impact on me growing up and helped me through that weird transition into being an "adult" and I often find myself quoting it. Fun Fact: I'll Be There For You by The Rembrandts was one of the 1st CD's I bought!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
No cheesy lyrics on this one BUT everytime I hear this song I instantly feel motivated to kick some ass! I blogged in my 1st Fandom 5 post about how much Buffy meant to me so my feels for this show are of course tied in with the song. I always loved the music choices in Buffy and had the album on repeat, seriously it's so good and if you haven't listened to it I suggest you go do that right now!

Dawson's Creek
This one kinda escaped my mind until recently, I forgot how beautiful it is and it took me right back. It's only while writing this I understood the meaning of the entire song better and I think it means a little more to me now as it's all about living in the now and not letting past pain dictate your life which is something I need to remind myself of at times.

Batman '66
NANANANANANANANA BATMAN! Best. most catchy theme song ever!! This tune is totally iconic and the best introduction to the Bat World a kid could ever have. I honestly love this show so much as cheesy and camp as it is and I get so happy every time I hear this song.

The Royle Family
Oasis were my fave band during my teenage years and this song was one of my favourites and a perfect fit for The Royle Family. I adore Noel Gallagher's singing, his voice is perfectly suited to this mellow song and he's still one of my favourite song writers ever. There's some really great lyrics in this short song which is full of hope, the song ends with the line "I've been lost, I've been found but I don't feel down" and I think that's a great note to leave on....

Check out the origins of Friday Fandom 5 & be sure to join in and share your fave songs.
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