30 January 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fandom Accessories I Own

I'm really excited about this weeks Fandom 5 topic as one of the reasons I got into jewellery and accessory making was because there were so many fandom related things I wanted but nowhere to get them but as "Geek Culture" has become more mainstream there has been a big boom in nerdy accessories which is awesome as I can just pop down to any shop and pick something great up, so here are five of faves from my collection.

Game of Thrones Direwolf Scarf Collection
Direwolf Scarves
There was once a time when you couldn't find any Game of Thrones merchandise anywhere and as I had been making fox scarves for a while I randomly came up with the idea to make myself a Ghost scarf to keep myself warm that winter and now that little idea has kinda exploded! I absolutely adore making these scarves they make me so happy, I get such sweet messages and the reactions I got from The Stark Boys when I gave them their scarves are something I will never forget, I mean these have to be my favourite accessories ever because they mean they world to me. 

Dreams Come True
Dreams Come True Necklace by Disney Couture
I own a few Disney Couture items but this one is my favourite as it has the most meaning. I bought myself this necklace after my first solo adventure to China where my dreams did come true and I proved to myself that after such a challenging, dark time in my life that I am strong person and good things do happen. Whenever I'm feeling down or I need a bit of motivation I always wear this necklace to remind me that dreams do come true and I just have to keep believing.

Captain America
Captain America Shield Backpack
BEST BAG EVER! This bag is not only awesome for my Captain America cosplay outfits but awesome for cons because it fits so much inside and is super comfy and easy to carry. I got this from CreoNodo on Etsy and am absolutely in awe of the quality I mean even the lining on the inside is stars and stripes I highly recommend her bags!

I got a new hat today
UP Pin
This pin was a freebie given out at cinemas when UP first came out, unfortunately I missed out so I ended up buying this on eBay. It's so beautiful and detailed and even the little plugs that secure the pin are Mickey shaped. I nearly always wear this on a hat and I love to keep it close to me when I go on my adventures.

Dinner with Minnie
Sequin Minnie Mouse Ears
I wasn't sure what to pick for my last one I was torn between the Samulet and these Minnie ears so I picked the ears because they're awesome and made even more awesome by the fact I bought them from Disneyland the happiest place on earth and if I'm ever lucky enough to visit Disneyland again I'll definitely bring these along with me.

Check out #Fandom5 creators The Nerdy Girly & Super Space Chick & let us know your fave accessories.
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