16 January 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Conventions I've Been To Or Wish To Attend

This #Fandom5 is all about conventions, it has been nearly a decade since I attended my first con and I have seen the convention scene and the geek community grow so much in that time. I absolutely love going to conventions they're so much fun and I definitely want to attend as many cons as I can in 2015

Ok so let's start with the obvious, this is THE con of the year, the one to be at and the one everyone wants to go to! I had an awesome time back in 2013, I met lot's of awesome people and hung out with all my awesome "internet friends" and I think more than all the geeky merch, the amazing cosplays and the awesome panels that's the reason I want to go back because if anything can bring a bunch of geeky international internet friends together it's comic con!

Comikazi belongs to Stan Lee and after seeing how awesome he is in real life I'm sure the guy can put on an awesome con! Last year my Dad asked me if I wanted to and I stupidly said no... I'm still not sure why because the legends that are Adam West and Burt Ward were there and I would have absolutely LOVED to meet them, so if he asks me again this year I'm totally saying YES before I even have time to think because it'll be another awesome excuse to hang out with all my awesome friends at another awesome con I've heard such great things about.

This is probably the biggest con in the U.K. last year it was HUGE and I predict it's only going to get bigger! LFCC always have the best guests, last year I not only got to meet Stan Lee I got to meet the legend that is Carrie Fisher (and her dog Gary) and in previous years I have met Patrick Stewart, Christopher Lloyd and a whole bunch of amazing people I have spent my life idolising so I'll definitely be back again this year!

This is normally my last con of the year and normally what I would call the quiet con although that has completely changed because when I was there in November I had to queue up for an hour to get in and this was later in the day! MCM & Memorabillia is normally the better organised of all the U.K. cons and they always have loads of stores to browse so it's a great one to go to to pick up Christmas presents for people... or yourself.

So I have to give a shoutout to my hometown con because I never would've thought that my little town would host a very popular and successful con. Growing up I spent most of my time hiding my nerdiness and trying to act "cool" (whatever that meant) so to have our own comic con kinda blows my mind! It's still a new con and it's still quite small but I see it improving and growing every year, there's always a nice atmosphere there to I mean seriously where was this con when I was growing up!?

 Bangkok Comic Con gets a super special mention as last year was it's d├ębut which I missed by just a few days (DOH!) and although I'm missing out again this year I'm sending my brother to go check it out and report back but hopefully I'll get the chance to go next time I'm in Thailand.

Check out the original Friday Fandom 5, join in and let me know what conventions you'll be attending in 2015
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