20 August 2013

SDCC: Fannibals, Flower Crowns & The Hannibal Pannibal!!!

Whilst waiting in line to get into 6A a Will Graham cosplayer walked past me in a flower crown, how flower crowns have become synonymous with Hannibal I do not know but it's hilarious and I love it! I love my flower crowns and I love this show, weirdly enough this happened to be the one day I wasn't wearing a flower crown and for the past year this is how I've been keeping them organised.... it must be fate!

I spoke briefly back in May about how I liked the show and after seeing the whole of the first series I'm now obsessed, it's really an amazing show so beautifully captured, meaningful and so amazingly done if a bit gorey but if you haven't seen it yet GO WATCH IT so anyway onto the panel I'd been waiting all day to see.

Aaron Abrams came of stage first and introduced us to a video montage of the first season then disappeared, it would seem that his character wasn't important enough to be part of the panel although they did invite him to the Nerd HQ one, sorry Aaron maybe next year right?

Bryan Fuller is quite possibly the biggest "Fannibal" ever, I loved his enthusiasm, his smile and way he speaks to the fans and it was such a great moment when he put on that flower crown, I mean can you believe this is the same guy who made Pushing Daisies? Yeah, kinda blew my mind to but when I think about it it makes perfect sense as both shows are full of beautiful visual symbolism and deal with a guy with a terrible affliction that helps him solve mysterious deaths.

As for Hugh Dancy could this guy be any cuter? He looked so excited and overwhelmed by the fans response to him it was adorable and definitely the highlight of this panel for me is the look of delight on his face when my friend Violet gave him a Will Graham plushie she had made for him complete with flower crown!


There's nothing more awesome than seeing your friends dreams come true, I'm not quite sure who was more excited me at that point me or her but it was definitely the start of even more awesome Comic Con happenings for us!

Then to end the panel they showed us a hilarious blooper reel, which I can't wait to watch in full when the DVD comes out and if that wasn't enough of a treat every single person who attended the panel got a special poster of one of Hannibal's drawings so all in all an AWESOME panel and definitely worth the all day wait!

Next up cosplay, the exhibitions hall, outside events, random encounters and Game of Thrones!
Antlers & Flower Crowns

Pssst if you love the little Will Graham plushie my friend Violet made be sure to check out her gallery and buy one for yourself!

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