05 August 2013

My August Birthday Wishlist

It's my birthday this month and I have to say I'm really excited about it! I'm normally quite low-key about my birthdays but this year I've decided I want to do all the fun things I can and treat myself to some awesome presents to so here are just a few things I would love to get for my birthday.

Game of Thrones Funko Figures
Comic Con was a big Funko fail for me every time I got to the Funko booth the line was closed and when I did eventually get in there almost everything was sold out (boooo!) so no Comic Con Exclusive Ned Stark for me but I will happily settle for any of the other Starks, especially Jon Snow I need that cute little Jon Snow in my life!

Black Milk Star Wars Manga Print
No wishlist is complete without some Black Milk, I really want to get myself a dress from there sometime as their swimsuits and leggings fit me so well and I adore this Star wars comic print design so much. I'm also kinda kicking myself that I didn't get these Marvel leggings whilst I was in the US, I mean one can never have too much comic book print in their wardrobe!

Hot Toys The Avengers Captain America
Godamn Comic Con and all its cool stuff now I have a new obsession in Hot Toys figures which are made of 100% pure awesome, they're so realistic and so detailed and I have to admit not as expensive as I thought they would be (although out of my price range) and of course I'm totally in love with "The Avengers" version of Cap as this is probably my favourite costume of his so far but I love the "Rescue" version to, yep so if anyone wants to buy a dozen Direscarves so I can buy this it would be much appreciated *wink*

Special Edition Animal Crossing 3DS XL
Animal Crossing was my favourite game back in the day I was so addicted to it and spent all night fishing and digging up fossils for my little town. Unfortunately I got rid of my DS a few years ago and have not really played any games for a long time and a big part of me misses gaming (yet another side effect of Comic Con) so I would love to get myself a new DS and get back into gaming again.

Winged Running Shoes
Now I'm trying being healthy and working out a lot I want to get myself a cool pair of workout shoes and these beauties happened to catch my eye on eBay and they would totally match my superhero workout wardrobe to because if there's one thing that gets me motivated to workout it's Superheroes!

I've loved Lego my whole life but OMG is it me or has it just become more awesome lately!? I get so excited everytime I visit the Lego shop it's ridiculous I want pretty much the whole Lord of the Rings/Hobbit collection and the DC collection is pretty awesome to but those sets can kinda be on the pricey side so I will happily settle for some Lego keychains.

What's on your birthday wishlist? Be sure to let me know in the comments!
Love & Glitter

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