10 August 2013

SDCC: Failed Plans, More Swag & Camping in 6A

Thursday I had planned to pick up all my goodies, finish shopping then hit Ballroom 20 for the Sherlock, X-Files & Brave New Warriors panel then head on over to 6A for the Hannibal panel or "Pannibal" as they were calling it, however at about 6am I was seeing tweets that there were already over 1000 people in line for Ballroom 20 and most had been camping overnight for the X-files!

So by the time I hit the Convention Center around 8am the line was ridiculous! I decided to give Ballroom 20 a miss, take my time shopping and get that out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of the con. Marvel was my first stop with my "fast-pass" to pick up all my goodies as well as a free con exclusive Captain America poster and tickets to the Agent Carter screening which in my Friday Game of Thrones delirium (more on that soon) I totally forgot about!

I had my first celebrity spotting on the way back from picking up my Batusi Batman, Rob Benedict AKA Chuck from Supernatural which if you know me I'm also obsessed with, the photo is terrible of course because I was having a mini freak out and fumbling with all the huge bags of swag in my hands.

By around midday my feet were already tired from standing in line with my giant swag bags so I decided to grab a large Frappuccino from Starbucks and camp out in 6A until the "Pannibal" started, luckily there were quite a few interesting things going on in there before it started so that kept me amused.

I sat through several panels in 6A before Hannibal the first being about Hanna-Barbera which showed us some old skool clips from the cartoons which was fun, the second was called "Ode to Nerds" which included one of my favourite authors Chuck Palahnuik on the panel who announced that there will be a Fight Club sequel in comic book form which I'm super excited about! Then James Spader showed up with the pilot for his new show The Blacklist which was kinda Silence of the Lambs meets The Following nothing very original although James Spader's character was kinda cool.

Robert Kirkman has to be one of my new favourite human beings, I loved his panel despite the fact that I've never read a single issue of The Walking Dead and was completely confused at times about who the characters are and what was going on (a tiger what!?) but after seeing his panel I will most definitely be reading it as I loved his sense of humour and I love the show, in fact you all should watch the panel and see his awesomeness but be warned there a spoilers!

After a very boring "Unofficial" Hobbit panel which I spent the majority of fiddling with my phone trying to get us tickets for the Nerd HQ Hannibal panel (no luck boooo!) it was finally time for Hannibal to take the stage but I think that deserves a whole post of its own so stay tuned!

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