25 August 2013

SDCC: Cosplay, Lego & Random Encounters

I'm no stranger to being asked at cons who/what I am wearing and embarrassingly giving the reply "This is just how I dress" so I thought for a change I would actually go in costume and where better to do my first actual cosplay than San Diego Comic Con. I only recently started reading Justice League Dark so when I saw this image of my girl Zatanna I fell in love and just had cosplay as her!

I did a Zatanna "costume" a long time ago for a Halloween party I went to but it was more inspired so this time I wanted to get the look as close as possible in the short time I had to prepare and luckily for me Zee and I seem to have a similar tastes in clothes so that was the 80% of the challenge already completed.

Not too bad for my first attempt although notes for next time invest in a better hat that actually fits my child-sized head and to get myself blue contact lenses that actually look blue because the FreshLook ones did nothing to change my eye colour. Unfortunately unless you find any random ones online these are the best photos I have of my full costume as I was so busy that day I didn't get a chance to take better ones DOH!

Friday was pretty much Game of Thrones day for me but that really does deserve a whole post of its own so before I go into that craziness I'll talk about some of the cool things you could see in and around the Convention center.

Lego was just pure mayhem the whole weekend so I never got a chance to shop there or try and get one of their exclusive mini-figs but they had a whole bunch of awesome sculptures inside and outside the con to look at my favourite being the life-sized version of Bag End, I totally wanna build myself a house out of Lego to live in now!

What can I say about Sideshow Collectables but WOW I can't believe I've never seen these before. I really need some of those Hot Toys figures in my life because they are so beautiful and so realistic if I had the cash and the room in my suitcase I would have bought that 60's Batman set right there and then!

Assassin's Creed decked out a whole pirate ship for Comic Con, although when I passed it the queue was long so I didn't bother checking it out, the ship they used was The Star of India which is normally docked just outside of the hotel we're staying in, it's a pretty awesome looking ship to so maybe next time I'm in San Diego I'll check it out.

Whilst wandering around the exhibition hall found myself trapped in a sea of people, looked over and there was David Boreanaz doing a signing for Bones, I was SUPER excited because Angel is quite possibly one of my favourite TV shows ever, I mean I was and possibly still am obsessed, I even have an Angel puppet!

And that wasn't my only random sighting at Comic Con I happened to pass Brent Spiner taking photos of people on preview night, Lou Ferrigno browsing a comic stall and a couple Game of Thrones people but more on that coming soon...

Super Hugs & Superheroes

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