06 March 2013

A Brand New Storenvy

With all the craziness that has been my life lately I completely forgot to tell you guys I've opened a new shop on Storenvy. This might not be new news for those of you who follow me on Twitter or Tumblr as I actually opened the store late last year but I thought after gaining my first few sales it deserved a formal introduction into the world.

In the past people have asked me if there is an alternative website to buy my handmade goodies on which doesn't require a sign up and I'm happy to say that Storenvy is that alternative and if that wasn't great news enough you can also purchase items directly from my Storenvy shop via my Facebook page

Prices are listed in USD which is great news for my US customers as it means you'll be able to shop in your own currency with no conversion fees and Storenvy is not just limited to selling handmade items I will be offering other items there to, such as headbandsstationary and more.

I also made the decision, as Storenvy doesn't charge fees like Etsy does, that all the money made from this shop will go into an account for Thailand. My family in Thailand are very important to me and as the kids are growing up and my grandparents are getting older I want to do my part to help out so I feel like this is one of the ways I can support them.

Over the coming months I'm hoping I can grow and improve my Storenvy shop and make is as much of a success as my Etsy is, that being said I won't be leaving Etsy just yet I will still be offering all my handmade items for sale there as well as supporting my fellow Etisans.

Are any of you guys on Storenvy? Be sure to comment below and link me to your favourite shops!

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