10 March 2013

It's All About Smoothies!

At the beginning of this year much to my horror my precious coffee machine which has been with me for the past decade and a half broke down and was no longer producing that smooth, silky, strong coffee I needed to start my day. That coffee machine pretty much got me through all the major moments in my life I have no idea how I would have survived University without it and I was all set to go out and buy a new one till I realised that a similar model would cost me near to £200 which is ridiculous considering I bought mine for £30! Feeling a little resigned I was all set to start my day on instant coffee when I saw my old smoothie maker sitting on a shelf in the garage (which has been with me almost as long as my coffee maker) so I pulled it out of retirement and have since found a whole new love for smoothies!

If you've been following me on Twitter and Instagram lately will know that I'm pretty much obsessed with my smoothie making and that I can't start my day without that fruity burst of healthy goodness and to my absolute joy lots of you have been joining in on the smoothie fun to and sharing your tips, tricks and recipes.

A lot of people seem to think that smoothie making is expensive and yes while fresh produce can be expensive you don't have to spend a fortune to make something delicious. Frozen fruit can be found in most supermarkets for pretty cheap, I get a bag of mixed frozen berries from Morrisons for £2 and that will last me at least a week. Be sure to check the bargain tables to as you can pick up some pretty great items for cheap, remember it doesn't have to look pretty to go into a smoothie, a couple of bruised bananas won't kill you although I would suggest you throw the mouldy stuff away!

I love my smoothies ice cold so I nearly always use frozen fruit and to save myself time in the mornings I often cut up all the vegetables and fruit I want to use the night before put it in a bag and stick it in the freezer so it's ready for morning. Another tip if your fresh fruit and vegetables are looking like they're going off is to cut them up, add a bit of lemon or lime juice and freeze them, it'll save you so much money and cut down on waste, I often buy "ripe" fruit for cheap then cut them up and put them in "daily bags" to freeze.

Simple Green Smoothies has become one of my best resources for recipes, their daily posts on Instagram and weekly newsletters have me so inspired and I love seeing what new ingredients I can add into my smoothies, I almost always stick exclusively to fruit but thanks to them I've been adding some vegetables into the mix and I have to admit they taste pretty damn good.

So I've switched my possibly unhealthy coffee habit to a nice healthy smoothie obsession and despite the lack of caffeine in my system I'm feeling even more awake and energised from all the healthy goodness, so I fully recommend you guys all go out and invest in a blender as smoothies are an awesome way to start your day!

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