20 March 2013

My Beauty Diary: Sheet Mask Review

My Beauty Diary is a popular sheet mask brand in Asia which I stumbled across on one of my many visits to Watson's in Thailand and has become well known in Thailand as the must have sheet mask. I absolutely love using sheet masks and usually treat myself to one once a week to give my skin a quick nutrient boost and although these masks are pretty inexpensive I was lucky to get them on special offer (buy one get one free) so ended up bringing several boxes back to the UK with me to try out.

I love the packaging of these masks, they're super adorable and to my surprise each box contains 2 individually sealed sheet masks. There are many different types of masks available for a whole different selection of skin problems but Watson's only had these 4 for sale: Black Pearl, Hyaluronic Acid, Cooling and Bulgarian White Rose.

It's important to wash your face and remove all traces of make-up before you use your sheet mask. One of the things I love most about sheet masks is that they aren't too messy and you don't have to wash your face again after you're done you can just let your face soak in all those moisturising benefits, I often use these masks on long haul flights to keep my skin hydrated and fresh.

Sheet masks aren't the most flattering things to wear but is any face mask? Some sheet masks can dry out quite quickly but I found the My Beauty Diary masks kept moist for a long while. It's suggested that you leave the masks on for around 10 minutes but I tend to keep the masks on my face till they start to dry out then use the mask to wipe any excess off my face before disposing it.

My favourite masks from this collection are the Hyaluronic Acid and Black Pearl, I've been suffering from really dry skin lately and there isn't much that has been able to soothe it apart from these masks which have really hydrated and soothed my skin and unlike some of the other masks I've tried, which just give your skin a quick boost, the benefits of these seem to last a good week till I use my next one.

My Beauty Diary are definitely one of the better quality sheet masks I've used so I will definitely be buying them again. Have any of you guys tried them out and if so what is your favourite? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Love & Cupcakes

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