28 February 2013

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (February 2013)

February seems to have flown by but I can most definitely say that 2013 is getting better and better, healthy habits have been created, new alliances forged AND and brand new exciting adventure planned for later this year. It's really amazing how much things can change in just a month and I really believe that if I keep a healthy positive attitude that I can make things happen so with that in mind here are the links I've been loving this month...

 Ultimate Lists: Blog Organizing - I am most definitely a list maker, although I must admit things I've let things get a bit crazy around here lately so I definitely time to restore some order!

 How To Create Time

 On Gratitude and Cutting Your Body some Slack - It's so easy for us to get down about our body that we forget how amazing they are, instead of focusing on the negative we should change our habits and start loving our bodies for the amazing machines they are.

 Tips For Starting A Blog - Whether you're new to the blogging world or an old pro these tips are a great starting point for anyone wanting to take their blog to the next level.

 6 Ways To Stop Procrastination & Actually Get Things Done

 Blogger Compensation: To Charge or Not To Charge - A great guide here for anyone wanting to make money off blogging but is unsure where to start.

 Sad Girl Walking: What To Do When You Feel Like Your Heart Has Been Ripped Out - February can be a hard month for some of us when it comes to love, this is some great advice on how to deal with the hurt.

 4 Steps To Address How You Really Feel

 Pearls of Wisdom: On Self Love + Learning To Love Yourself - I have been taking each on every point made here and making a real effort to do them and you know what as simple as they sound it actually works!

 Is Hand Art The Next Big Thing In Beauty? - These photos are simply amazing, I'm blown away with how realistic they look... WOW!

 Little People: A Tiny Street Art Collection

 DIY Constellations Scarf - I love this idea and it's so simple to make.

 Why Programmers Work At Night - I can totally relate to this, I always blog/craft late at night or early morning before everyone else wakes up so I can get things done because as soon as there's an interruption I completely lose all inspiration and motivation .

 23 Ways To Meditate Without Going Crazy

 How To Create The Right Mindset To Pay Off Your Debts - Debt can be overwhelming so this is some very good advice for anyone that's struggling with those loans.

 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person - A great article and totally inspiring, take note and change your life!

 28 Common Racist Attitudes and Behaviours

 20 Ways Life is Amazing Even When it Hurts - When you're feeling down sometimes all you need to do is look at those small things in life you take for grated to realise the world isn't such a bad place after all.

 What I Learned From My Mother's Overspending - It's always interesting to see how our parents spending habits affect our own attitudes towards money although I must admit most of my money habits I learned on my own the hard way...

 The World Of A Professional Naked Girl

 Keyboard Piano Plush Toy - I love a good crafting project, this is super cute and surprisingly simple to do and would brighten up a room or make a great gift for someone.

Love & Adventure

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