31 August 2011

Things that make you go Oooooo (August 2011)

by Citrusfrukt
I can't believe August is over already and we're already going into autumn, time really does fly when you're having fun! August has been another busy but great month for me I celebrated another birthday, caught up with friends, welcomed some new additions into the world and had time to think about the future and what it is I really want to achieve over the next year, so with that in mind here are just a few of the things that have amused and inspired me this month

10 Really Easy Ways You Can Love Yourself More Today - Great tips from the "Radical Self Love" guru Gala Darling and some simple steps to give you that much needed boost.

How to be the change you want to see in the world

Why having less money won't necessarily make us unhappy - Like many others I'm feeling the pinch of the recession and am more considerate to my purchases and definitely doing a lot more D.I.Y. but less money is not always a bad thing and can be a good lesson to those of us to appreciate the little things in life and what we have.

by Daintiness
For Amy - Amy Winehouse was an amazingly talented woman and her songs really touched me, this is a very well written compassionate tribute by Russell Brand about the loss of his friend.

Was I a free spirit for Nothing?

25 Ways To Be A True Friend - "Not everyone has to be a close friend, but it’s integral to our happiness that we show people who we truly are, allow ourselves to know them in return, and then remind each other through actions—small or large—that we care."

by Jennifer Erickson
  Why Can't Everyday Be Like My Birthday? - So another birthday has come and gone but that doesn't mean I can't add a little celebration into everyday.

Tea and Kittens

50 Life Secrets and Tips - I LOVE this so much great advice definitely something I will be taking notes on!

by Dangerousladies
Comic Cell Hair Clip Tutorial - Love this idea although the thought of cutting up my old comics scares me, but I'm totally for incorporating more geek into your daily outfits

Star Wars Origami

Add More Whimsy into Your Life - Super cute and fun tips on how to make your daily life a little more magical.

by Gutterfish
He Gives Tips For A Fashion Blog -Some really great and simple ways to improve your blog for readers and how to gain a "following"

Alexander Wang on building his fashionable family empire

Anna Wintour on Rumours About Her Reputation, John Galliano, The Internet and More - Love this little insight on the queen of fashion

by Deadmoondreams
Walking a Black Dog: thoughs on "The D Word"... - An honest look at depression and ways to ease the pain written by my gorgeous and talent friend Cally, she's just started blogging again so be sure to follow her!

I'll Get To It Later: Why People Procrastinate

On being a workaholic and still having a life - Striking that harmonious balance being work and having fun is key to a happy life.

by TinyOctopus

I Don't Want Children! Am I A Freak?! Why Won't Everyone Leave Me ALONE?! - With all my friends giving birth to beautiful babies this month I feel like I've been doing a lot of explaining, I don't want children maybe that will change but it doesn't make me any less of a woman or give me less purpose in life, motherhood isn't something you have to do it can be a choice to!

Tips from the Tightfisted: Lose the 5" Heels

How to Know When it's Your Time to Quit Your Job - Current economic conditions most people are very lucky to have a job but sometimes it can get too much and you may have no other option than to quit so here are some tell-tale signs that it may be your time to leave as well as tips on making the best of a bad situation.

Love & Sparkly Hugs

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