01 August 2011

My Birthday Wishlist

photo by acido
It's finally August and exactly 3 weeks till my birthday and I'm already getting excited, I love having a birthday in the summer everyday feels like a celebration with the relaxing long warm nights and bright sunny days, so I thought I would indulge myself and post my birthday wishlist, I always treat myself to a couple nice things and I haven't quite decided what to treat myself to yet so here are a few things I've been lusting after.

Dr Martens Darcie Boots
I've fallen a little bit in love with Dr Martens after my Hello Kitty boots and have been lusting after these beauties for a while after seeing the gorgeous Nubby rockin' a pair. I have a sea of black boots so thought it would be nice to throw a white pair in the mix to jazz up my mostly monochrome wardrobe.

Archie Grand Notebooks
I love these brightly coloured notebooks with their amusing titles, it's so hard to pick a favourite I feel like I should have one in a different colour for every subject.

 Electa Bike
As it's sunny outside I want to make the most of it and I'd like to take my exercise bike riding outside. I just adore these bikes, they're so feminine and cute I'd love to get a little basket and a little pink bell on mine. Katy Perry has such a cute bike and another adorable one was used in her Hot n' Cold video. There's so many cute designs to chose from but I'd have to go for something black/pink as it's my fave colour combo.

 Tarina Tarantino Gothic Hello Kitty Pink Head Bracelet
I treated myself to one of the Gothic Hello Kitty necklaces for Christmas and it has barely been off my neck since and even though I mostly make my own bracelets I thought it would be a nice treat, Tarina makes my fave jewellery and she's such a inspiration to me when I make my own, I'd buy up the whole Pink Head collection if I could!

 All Saints Gift Card
All Saints has quickly become one of my favourite shops I'm in love with their gothic palette and simple elegance, the cut and shape of their clothes are so different yet so flattering and their silk prints are so incredibly detailed and beautiful, I just adore their designs and what better treat for your birthday than a beautiful new dress?

 Chocolate Skull
One of my guilty pleasures is watching the plethora of cake shows on the Food Network, Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss, Cupcake Wars I love them all and find it fascinating how they can create such masterpieces out of yummy cake so when a show called Choccywoccydoodah came to my attention I was all over it and the best part they're based in the U.K. and they deliver, I already have plans to order a birthday cake from them but a chocolate skull well that would just be the icing on the cake!

Clarisonic Mia
I've heard so many good things about Clarisonic and after trying my mothers Clarisonic Plus out I definitely want to get one for myself. I've been trying to take better care of my skin recently because lets face it I'm not getting any younger and having my own little Clarisonic Mia would be a great addition to my new skincare routine.

Blackmilk Leggings
Leggings are my preferred form of leg-wear and Blackmilk make the most amazing ones, their prints are so unique I've never seen designs like them anywhere else and it's no wonder they're so popular. They have so many great designs it's hard to pick a favourite, I would love to add a pair or two of their leggings into my wardrobe.

Diana Mini Camera
Lomography is one of my favourite hobbies and I have been lusting after a Diana Mini for sooo long, I was tempted to buy one I saw in Vegas but my suitcase was already too full and waaay over the baggage limit so I had to resist. I recently sold my Holga so would love to replace it with this little cutie and it comes in such pretty designs to!

by Kristine May
A Round the World Ticket
Nothing gives me greater pleasure than travelling and visiting new and different places, I'm a global nomad and as soon as one adventure ends I'm always planning the next! It's my dream to experience as much of this world and its different cultures as I can, I would love to just spend the rest of my days hoping from country to country as there's nothing like being in a foreign place where everything is new and exciting.

Love & Sparkly Hugs

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