27 August 2011

Homemade Damson Jam

Last year my super chef mother decided to make some jam with the damson haul from our tree but unfortunately her attempts didn't go so well and she ended up burning the pan and its contents, so we never got to eat our fruit that year, so this year my mother passed the spoon on to me and it was my turn to make jam....

My attempts thankfully were much more successful and after doing a big of reading up on the subject of jam making I was surprised at just how easy it is to make (but don't tell my mother that!). The best thing is I was able to utilise all the fruit from our trees and now we'll all be able to enjoy it for weeks to come!

  • 2lbs Damsons
  • 2lbs Granulated Sugar*
(makes approx. 3 jars)
*general rule of jam making is that you want to use the same amount of sugar as you have fruit

Wash all your fruit throughly, you don't want any bits or unwelcome bug-like visitors in your jam so make sure your fruit is clean and fresh, any damaged or bruised fruit will be no good to make jam with.

Simmer your damsons in approx. 100ml of water just to soften them.  Don't overcook them just yet as at this stage you just want to make sure the fruit is soft enough so you can easily remove the stones, you can also push the fruit against the sides of the pan to encourage them to break away from the stones. Once the fruit is soft enough remove it from the heat and remove all the stones.

Add the sugar to the softened damsons and return to a high heat to boil for a few minutes, you want the sugar to be completely dissolved and once it is be sure to test for the setting point, also be sure to keep stirring your boiling jam at this point or it will burn!

Once setting point is reached remove the pan from the heat and remove any scum there might be, spoon into sterilized jars and leave the jam to cool overnight.

  Serve on buns, crumpets, toast, scones, waffles, cake or anything else you want to add a bit of fruity sweetness to.

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  1. I haven't made jam in so long. Call me crazy but the most satisfying part for me (aside from the eating, obviously) is seeing it settle in the nice, thick glass jar with my little homemade label on it :)