19 August 2011

The Amazing World of Comic Con

July was pretty much "Geek Month" for me as well as going to see numerous Superhero related movies and Batman Live I took a trip to London's annual Film & Comic Con and the Manchester MCM Expo which was the first con we've had in Manchester for over 4 years!

It's been a whole two years since I last got the chance to go to any sort of comic con but I remember the rules (especially for London!) get there early, wear sensible footwear, bring lots of cash and don't step on any large Klingon's feet!

These Tron Troopers were quite possible my favourite cosplayers of the con although the apes and Captain Jacks come a close second. There was an awesome amount of cosplayers this year especially at Manchester where there were probably more cosplayers than those in ordinary dress and although I've wanted to I've never actually cosplayed even though people do often ask me who I'm dressed as!

But the absolute best thing about comic con is the awesome guests they have, this year I got to meet one of my childhood heroes Christopher Lloyd who was probably in every single film I loved as a child, Roger Rabbit, Back to the Future, The Addams Family, Toonstruck and so many more things that even he has forgotten about!

So my dad is the Trek fan of the family but it's always a pleasure for me to meet the cast as they're always super friendly and I've met some absolute Trek legends over the years Patrick Stewart, George Takei, Leonard Nimoy and now Walter Koenig and Brent Spiner who is hilarious and ended up signing our photo twice in different colours because he didn't like the way the first one looked which to me seemed like such a Data thing to do, what a legend!

Heroes was one of my fave TV shows until it got cancelled (boooo!) and over the years I've acquired quite an impressive amount of Heroes signatures which is what I was talking about with Robert Knepper here who played villain Samuel Sullivan and despite his repertoire of bad ass characters he's such a nice guy and even complimented my sparkly pink nail varnish.

Back in Manchester I met the always friendly and fun Craig Charles from one of my old favourite shows Red Dwarf. I met him back in 2007 at the last Manchester con with co star Chris Barrie so asked him what the gang was up to these days and if the Cat (AKA Danny John-Jules) would ever come to a con one day and he told me they all did one together early in the year so I'd just missed out, fingers crossed for next year though!

Crowley has to be one of the best characters in Supernatural ever (so much so I named a fish after him) and after six years of obsessing over this show I thought I should follow in the tradition of my Heroes poster and finally start up a collection of Supernatural autographs and what better way to start than with the king of hell himself. Mark is such a great guy just as charming and funny as he is on screen I really hope he comes to more cons and brings more of the Supernatural cast with him!

As I don't have a local comic book shop to raid I always stock up when I go to cons and probably went a bit overboard this year because I ended up spending £60 alone on comic books! I told myself I wasn't going to buy any more Batman and expand my superhero horizons and read more X-men however I ended up buying into the Batmanverse once again and didn't really look at any of the X-men stuff they had available, guess I'm a creature of habit after all!

I really hope we have another one in Manchester soon as this years was so successful and no doubt London's will once again be even bigger and better next year, it's amazing to see just how much both cons have grown over the years it would seem geek culture really is on the rise, and so that's con season over with for another year well at least for me as I'm officially broke after my comic binge!

Lightsabers & Batarangs
You can see more of my comic con photos on Flickr

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