31 August 2013

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (August 2013)

August is over, I'm another year older but still as young and foolish as ever. This summer has been all about friendships and it's made me realise that I'm not completely alone that I do have some pretty awesome people in my life and that they're constantly inspiring me and bring fun to my life even if they live on the other side of the globe. It's back to the grind in September but I'll still be spending all the free time I have crafting, playing dress up and getting myself one step closer to the dream life, so here are some of my favourite inspiration links from this month...

 The CardCuff - This is such a neat little design and perfect for anyone like me who spends far too long fumbling in their bag for things, there's only a few days left so be sure to check it out and get your Cuff on!

 5 Tips To Stop Making Comparisons and Stop Feeling Bad About Yourself

 You won't See it until you Believe it - Dreams will never be achieved unless you put some self belief into them, once you start to see them as a possibility achieving them becomes easier.

 Staying Motivated to Blog - Elizabeth gives some awesome tips on how she keeps motivated to blog, most of these tips are the same ones I would advise to and if blogging seems like a chore to you then maybe a break is all you need.

 How to Be Your Own Best Marketing Tool

 23 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts - If you're looking for new readers and ways to increase your traffic then check out these simple tips and tricks, all of them are definitely doable and a great way to get those new blogs noticed.

 Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory - Possibly one of the best collabs EVER! There is not a single piece of this collection I would not buy or wear I LOVE IT!

 I've Known One of My Best Friends for 6 Years & I'm Not Entirely Sure If He's Real!

 Networking Like a Pro - Some really useful tips here so break out of that comfort zone and get yourself out there.

 Study Shows Shopping Can Make You Lonelier - What do you guys think? I used to do this all the time but now I'm much more likely to wait and just go in a "shopping treat binge" once a year when I feel I've earned it.

 The Truth

 Stuff We Don't Need: 5 Reasons Why It Doesn't Lead To Happiness - I've been going a bit crazy over stuff since Comic Con and now I'm having that overwhelming feeling so it's time for a clearout!

 22 Things Happy People Do Differently - Happiness can be a choice and I chose happiness, these are some easy to follow tip which will make like that little bit easier and more full of joy.

 Getting Your Family On Board With Life Changes

 8 Tips for Editing Your Life that Work for Any Budget - Some interesting tips here if you're looking to minimise your life although maybe don't get of all your books, books can be beautiful things.

 What Colour Is Your Underwear? - Because sometimes you just need to put on a pair of sparkly knickers to make your day a little bit more awesome!

 You Don't Need to Go Back to School

 Fall In Love, Love Deeply - Love is work and learning to love oneself and open your heart is one of the hardest yet most rewarding things you can do.

 DIY: Fruit Soled Shoes - Summer is not quite over yet and this is such a simple idea that would at a touch of colour to those boring old shoes.

 Surprising Beauty Tools That You Probably Already Have at Your Desk

 DIY Dinosaur Bag - So awesome, I just want to turn a bunch of plushies into cute bags now!

Friendships & Magic

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