31 July 2013

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (July 2013)

July has been one of the craziest most intensely fun months ever and although I still feel like I'm recovering from my trip to Comic Con I had one of the best times of my life! I have such a new found love for life and the people in my life it's amazing and I honestly can't wait to see what the future brings. I have so much to catch up on so apologies in advance for the sporadic posts but I promise they will be worth the wait so with that in mind on to some of the best "geeky" themed links for this month!

 10 Things No One Tells You About Being a Die-Hard Fan - Ain't this the truth? I'm constantly making references to movies and TV shows that nobody gets and yes I'm obsessively counting down the days until Supernatural and Game of Thrones is back on my TV!

 Bowie & McQueen

 How To Really Enjoy a Day Off - If you want to just relax or be productive these are some great tips for making the most of your day of.

 Unicorns, Rainbows and the Brightest Styled Shoot I've Ever Seen - I love these photos, I'm not likely getting married any time soon but the birthday is coming up soon and I gotta have that cake!

 Top 10 Girl Code Rules

 17 Tips on How to Invite Passion and Inspiration Back into Your Life - Great tips if you've been feeling a little uninspired lately

 Dyeing Fabric Pastel Ombre Rainbow - This is the perfect way to pretty up an old dress for the summer, definitely something I'd love to try out.

 D.I.Y. Tinted Lip Balm in a Locket

 D.I.Y. Pineapple Lamp - How awesome is this? I can't believe it's made out of spoons, I absolutely love pineapple so I gotta make this sometime, it would be perfect for a summer party!

 Incredible Lego Exhibition Opens in New York - I've loved Lego my whole life and these Lego sculptures are absolutely amazing!

 Learning to Love Your Body: 4 Steps to Self-Care

 When Your Mother Says She's Fat - This is some pretty powerful stuff, sometimes you just don't realise how your attitudes can affect the next generation.

 Dogs Dressed Like Their Owners - As weird as this is I kinda like it, I mean they do say dogs look like their owners.

 8 Ways to Trust Everything is Working Out

 Comics Professionals Draw Batman With Their Eyes Closed - I love this so much, what an awesome idea and the results are hilarious and amazing!

 3 Paths Towards A More Creative Life - This is some really useful advice it's kinda different from the things I usually see and gives you something different to consider.

  Terrible Moral Lessons That I Picked Up From Disney Movies

 10 Magical Ways to Make The Most of Mercury Retrograde - Kinda delayed but I think this is great sound advice for anyone feeling like their life is in a rut.

 10 Simple Ways to Make the World a Better Place - Some really great tips here which I try to implement as much in my life as possible.

 D.I.Y. Fruit Soled Shoes

 Just Go! Why The Fear of the Unknown is Holding you back - This is something I tell to to everyone, sometimes you just have to stop debating the unknown and just take that leap and go for it!

Cosplay & Comics

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