21 July 2013

5 (Fan)tastic Supernatural Inspired Tees

Supernatural is one of the most awesome shows on TV and has been my favourite series since the very first time I watched it one lonely night back in 2006! I've been wearing my Samulet a lot over the past few months and realised I have a severe lack of Supernatural related type things and my geeky tee collection would not be complete without a bit of Supernatural in there so here are a few of my favourite Supernatural inspired T-shirts.

Although this is a really simple design it's so perfect. I really like subtle, clever designs and this is definitely one of them, there's so many nerdy little details in it, I mean a coat of arms made of "arms" which look like wings that's really smart!

There seems to be a theme running here but I'm a sucker for all these crest designs, Supernatural at it's heart is about family so there's nothing better to represent that than a family crest, I'm also loving the nod to Bobby in this design because family don't end with blood, boy!

These tees are my absolute favourite Supernatural inspired designs ever not only do I love that Art Nouveau look but there are so many references to classic lines, episodes and the fandom in them. I would absolutely love to see more designs especially a Bobby one but in the meantime all 3 of these are going to the top of my Birthday Wishlist.

Supernatural doesn't have that many great female characters but Charlie is one of my favourites even though she's only been in a few episodes so far. Charlie has an amazing rapport with the boys, and her character is so smart, strong and funny much like Felicia Day is in real life, I definitely hope we see more of her soon!

Remember The Colt!? Seems like a lifetime ago since this baby was introduced into the show but I absolutely loved the mythology created around it and the excuse it gave them to make a Western episode, I definitely need to get myself a Colt replica but in the meantime I'm loving this tee!

Are you a Supernatural fan? Be sure to let me know your favourite episode in the comments!
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