28 July 2013

SDCC: Café Defiance & Preview Night Swag

10 years I've been dreaming about going to San Diego Comic Con and after over a year of planning and some extremely good luck this year it finally happened! I quite honestly had the best time ever and for the most part that was down to the awesome people I was with, internet friends turned real life friends is the best thing ever, I'm so happy we got on so well and I already miss Violet, Steph and Yume so much!

So let's kick off with Wednesday and Preview Night; The girls and I wandered down to the Convention Center to get our badges but as we had a couple hours wait we decided to check out the Gaslamp Quarter for some food and fun and ended up in Café Defiance.

Defiance actually looks pretty good from the few episodes I've seen and the café looked awesome, I was a little sad there wasn't more alien themed food but I loved the addition of the alien languages into the menu.

Of course I'm in 'Merica so I was back on my all you can eat burger diet and I have to say this one was pretty damn good although it came with a mountain of fries but I ate as much as I could because I knew decent meals from this point onwards were going to be a rarity...

After lunch we picked up our badges and bags, I was kinda disappointed I didn't get a Supernatural bag but thought this one would make a nice gift for The Dad seeing as he still likes The Big Bang Theory and then it was time to get ready for the craziness that was Preview Night.

So I severely underestimated how busy Preview Night would be having only experienced it at London Comic Con where it is pretty much empty I wasn't prepared for the mass of people and the crazy queues but I had one mission that night and it was to get my SDCC Exclusive Stark Shields from Dark Horse.

As soon as doors opened I made a run quick walk to Dark Horse to pick up my shields and after a 10 minute wait they were mine (YEY!) then after seeing the craziness that was the Marvel booth I decided to go check out the Funko booth but by the time I got there the line was closed (Booooo!) so then after a quick stop to pick up my Supernatural tee, some browsing and seeing the mayhem that was Lego I returned to Marvel where I spent the rest of the night (2 hours!!!) in line only to have the con close when I was front on line, luckily Marvel were nice and gave me a "fastpass" so I could jump the line and pick up my stuff the next day so all was not lost and I did pick up a lot of free swag from them.

So that was my crazy Preview Night but it did prepare me for the even crazier days ahead of me but I'll tell you all about that another time!
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