11 July 2013

See You At San Diego Comic Con!!!

Yep, so... I'M GOING TO COMIC CON!!! I just arrived in sunny San Diego and not only is it one of my favourite cities but I'm meeting up with some awesome friends and we're all going to have an epic celebration of geekiness in the most epic con on the planet, I can not wait!

If you happen to be going to be sure to keep an eye out for me as I may be wearing some pretty special outfits (↑hint↑) and I may be giving out little treats so don't be scared to come over and say hi as I'd love to meet you all.

Both my Etsy & Storenvy will remain open whilst I'm away however orders will not be shipped until I return on July 25th, so feel free to check them out as I've just added a bunch of new items and will be adding more cuteness upon my return, I'm also offering a special 10% off all orders throughout July with the code SDCC2013 so be sure to take full advantage of that and get yourself to some cute summer treats!

See You Soon!

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