18 January 2020

GOT7 6th Anniversary Cafe Event in Bangkok, Thailand

For GOT7's 6th anniversary on January 16th a global celebration event was organised with cafes in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, America, Taiwan and Thailand all taking part and giving away special cup sleeves and gifts to celebrate. This is the first time an event has been organised for multiple countries so I had to go check it out and celebrate my fave Kpop boys 6th year as GOT7.

The Thailand event was hosted in Fat Bear Cafe, which hosts quite a few Kpop events in Bangkok, they also have some fun Kpop themed drinks on the menu like a Red Velvet milkshake, Heartshaker and Cherry Bomb soda which is what I chose being a fan of NCT 127. I also ordered myself a bingsu to cool me down after the long walk from the station to the cafe and it was soooo good!

The cafe was so beautifully decorated with photos and balloons and the TV screen played every song from debut until now, including the Japanese releases, JJ Project and JUS2 it was really special to see just how much GOT7 have grown from debut until now and just how much they have done in these past 6 years!

It was such a cute event and I love that there were several other cafes around the world all celebrating the occasion to and we all got the same cup sleeves as a little souvenir of our day celebrating together. I'm sure I'll be back there soon for another Kpop event!

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Love & Cake

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