06 June 2019

Super Cute GOT7 K-pop Pins by Eunni새 Pins

Pin collecting has become a really popular hobby with even the K-pop world joining in and there are some absolutely stunning designs, made by some great independent artists, one of these artists, Eunni새 Pins, a Chicago based duo, who I have been following for a while and fangirling over GOT7 with very kindly sent me some of their pins design and stickers and I just had to share them because they are so amazingly beautiful I think everyone needs them in their life.

I have to say these pins look even better in real life, the details on them are amazing! The GOT7 Lullaby Polaroid Enamel Pin captures the original photo it's based on so perfectly! The colours are so sweet and vibrant and I love the glitter background which give the pin an added pop. It's such great quality and so well made to. I've had pins in the past where the backs would fall of or the fit wasn't secure enough but there's no fear of that with these pins, the rubber backing gives a secure fit and the pin is moulded into it and not glued like some cheap pins are.

My fellow Ahgase will know I have a soft spot for Markson and that my two fave Pokémon happen to be Squirtle and Pikachu which are also the Pokémon that Mark and Jackson have adopted themselves as so seeing this pin design was instant love! I have a soft spot for the Gotoon chibi designs to, which if you follow my Instagram you'll know, so seeing their cute chibi faces in Pokémon kigus was just too cute to resist.

This design is not currently available in store HOWEVER they told me that they will re-order them if enough people are interested and are open to worldwide group orders to so if you like what you see be sure to let them know over on their Twitter & Instagram, and give them a follow for new pin updates, pre-orders and fangirl fun.

One of my favourite ways to wear my pins is on my Ita Bag and I recently purchased this beautiful pastel purple bag to display my GOT7 pins and keychains on so the Lullaby pin fits in perfectly with my pastel theme and has become the focus point on my bag. The Markson pins have found a home on my denim jacket and I wear it all the time now I have this cute duo to keep me company, I'm not sure whether I'll keep them on this jacket or make a special Pokémon or Markson themed bag for them but either way I just adore wearing these pins out and showing them off to everyone. Thank you Eunni새 Pins once again for gifting me these, I can't wait to get more pins from you in the future ♥

What is your fave way to wear your pins? 
Love & K-pop

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