30 June 2019

Things The Make You Go Oooooo (June 2019)


June is over and we're now halfway through the year! How is everyone doing so far? Tomorrow I'll be flying back to the UK to go visit my Nan for her birthday, I actually arrive on the day of her birthday and it's been a year since I last saw her so I'm excited to see her again. I'm going to be in the UK for a while to, until my Dad's birthday ... in October! So it's a long trip and I've spent the last month preparing for it and making sure my cat has everything he needs before I have to leave him. I've got my bags all packed and my laptop loaded with dramas to watch on the long flight back and once I arrive I've decided to take a mini blog and social media hiatus so I can catch up with my friends and family, I also need to get my laptop fixed so hopefully once that's done I can share some of my adventures with you all.

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What are you most excited for in July?
Love & Hugs

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