23 December 2018

End of Year Etsy Sale!!

New year is almost here and I'm hoping for a fresh start so with that in mind I thought I would offer my final handmade items at a discounted price, there are only a few things left now so please be quick if you want anything as there won't be anymore in the future once I'm sold out. So for an extra 10% off everything until the end of the year be sure to enter the coupon code below and your discount will be automatically applied...

As it's the end of the year I also have a limited quantity of Luck Bags or Fukubukuro for sale where you can get several handmade items for the price of one but what you get will be a complete surprise, so it makes the prefect gift for yourself or for a friend, I guarantee you will get some super cute items and also some exclusive stock I never made available for sale before.

There are only a few scarves left in stock including my Game of Thrones Direwolf scarves which I have also given to the cast at past Comin Cons so if you want one then be sure to check them out, a lot of styles are already sold out but there's still a few left and they will definitely keep your neck nice and warm this winter.

Finally I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years, it's the end of an era and I've had so much fun creating all these handmade goods for you, it started off as just a fun personal hobby but became my lifeline as so many people wanted to own my designs to and I hope in the future to work on new projects but for now goodbye etsy, thank you so much.

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Love & Bunnies

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