22 September 2018

Rosegal Review : Chic & Sporty Affordable Looks

Rosegal recently contacted me asking if I'd like to receive a few items for review and they have such a great selection of affordable fashion I thought why not try them out so I picked up a couple things which I thought would suit my current style and after a week they all arrived safely at my door.

Rosegal Galaxy Print Vest

Galaxy prints will forever be one of my favourite styles so I picked up this galaxy fringe print vest as I thought it would be a great piece to dress up or down and it's prefect for the humid Thai weather. It's so light and soft, I pretty much live in tank tops here, especially black ones so I've been wearing this piece a lot and the fringe give the top and interesting new detail, which my cat is a big fan of!

Rosegal Embriodered Pants

Since receiving these baggy embroidered pants (which were actually from the men's section) I've hardly had them off, they're just so comfy, I've literally been living in them! They're really great quality to and the embroidered detail is so pretty so I'm super pleased with them and the vest. Sometimes when you buy things at a lower price you have to compromise on quality but both these items were really great quality for their price and are items that I will be able to wear and wash for a long time, so if you're looking for a wardrobe update be sure to check Rosegal out.

What's your favourite fashion trends?
Love & Lemon Tea

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