17 September 2018

Juku Store Review: Kawaii Japanese Fashion & Accessories

Juku Store, a kawaii harajuku fashion online retailer recently contacted me asking if they could send me a few products for review and as a big Japanese street fashion enthusiast I happily took their offer. Juku Store offers great Japanese fashion at great prices and ships worldwide, you may find a lot of Japanese retailers don't offer international postage so this it's a great alternative to buy from if you want to dress like the highly fashionable Harajuku kids.

Juku Store Totoro T-Shirt

My Neighbour Totoro is one of my all time favourite anime and as soon as I saw all their cute Totoro themed t-shirts I knew I had to have one for myself. The design is so cute and there are several to choose from, the material is super soft and comfy to and I love the baggy fit of it, perfect to wear for just chilling around the house or going out searching for acorns...

Juku Store Death Note Necklace

Juku Store also offers a lot of items for Cosplay and some cute anime themed accessories to, Death Note has always been one of my favourite anime and manga series but it's rare to find things related to it now so it was a nice surprise to see this Death Note necklace which also doubles up as a watch, the perfect accessory to show your love for the series.

Juku Store Koi Fish Emboidered T-Shirt

In contrast to the cutesey kawaii fashion you can also find some more darker styles and one of my all time favourite Japanese styles has been the traditional embroidery painting style so as soon as I saw this embroidered koi fish t-shirt I fell in love, it's so beautiful and just as beautiful in real life as it appears online, this is one item I will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of!

Juku Store GOT7 Bracelet

Even more surprising to me was seeing that they sell a small selection of KPop items to and we all know I'm a big lover of Kpop especially GOT7 so seeing this GOT7 bracelet for sale I just had to, it's the perfect accessory to show my love for them.

Juku Store Koi Fish Emboidered T-Shirt Death Note Necklace

I absolutely adore all the items I got and there's such a great selection to suit everyone's tastes, so if you're looking for some great kawaii fashion and cosplay items be sure to check out Juku Store and let me know what you think.

What's your favourite fashion styles?
Love & Boba

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