10 September 2018

Kosmeshop Review: LENS TOWN Aloha Candy Gray Contact Lenses

I absolutely adore wearing coloured lenses and I change up my eye colour almost as often as my outfits! I'm shortsighted so these lenses are not just for cosmetic reasons, I need them to see and sometimes when shopping for coloured lenses I find they don't come in my prescription or the range of colours can be limited so I normally order online but even then it can be hit and miss as the colours often don't match photos. I've purchased from Kosemeshop in the past and always been a big fan of their lenses so when they offered to send me some lenses from their new Lens Town Aloha Candy range to review I happily obliged and was excited to see how they'd look.

Sometimes when buying coloured lenses the colours often don't stand out against my brown eyes but what I love most about Asian brand contact lenses is how much the colour stands out, these grey lenses looked so pretty and the colour wasn't lost at all they look exactly how they do in the bottle.

These lenses are very comfy, I've worn them for both short and long periods of time and not experienced any irritation or drying. You can experience some shadowing wearing coloured contacts (where the lense can cover the iris) but despite how pigmented these lenses are I experienced none of that and they blended in with my eyes well, without looking too artificial.

Kosmeshop is a great place to buy popular lenses from trusted Korean brands, you can also buy idol collaborations there, I recently purchased the Monsta X collection and Blackpink also has a collection to! Shipping is very fast, my lenses arrived in about 1 week and they also include lens cases and a bunch of other freebies with your purchase and you can even earn points on your purchases which will go towards saving you money on your next purchases and most importantly they ship worldwide so I totally recommend you check them out!

Do you like wearing coloured lenses?
Love & Candy

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