25 July 2018

Cute Cafe Shops in Bangkok - Daddy and the Muscle Academy / Pixie Dust Cafe

Cute Cafe Shops - Siam Square - Bangkok - Thailand

There is a currently trend in Bangkok for every cute shop to have their own cute cafe and I love it! These "Cafe Shops" seem to be popping up everywhere and I feel like it's my mission to visit them all I mean there's nothing better than just relaxing in a cute cafe after a long day shopping and these places are perfect for both with the added bonus that don't have to trek around in the hot Thai heat to find a nice place to grab a refreshing drink because they're right there in the store!

Daddy & the Muscle Academy - Siam Square - Bangkok - Thailand

Daddy & The Muscle Academy - Siam Square - Bangkok - Thailand

Daddy and the Muscle Academy is one of my favourite stores in Bangkok because unlike most of the other "Cafe Shops" I've visited they stock their own clothing designs as well as vintage clothing and items from other independent indie designers which I'm a big supporter of. The whole shop is decorated in kawaii kitsch style which reflects the brand well and definitely worth a visit if you're a lover of cute and unique things. While the prices may be higher than a lot of other stores in the area it's worth it as this is store is unlike most others as it's a shop that supports, promotes and showcases indie artists and designers who produce products and clothing that are unique and can't be found anywhere else.

Pixie Dust Cafe - Siam Square - Bangkok - Thailand

Pixie Dust Cafe - Siam Square - Bangkok - Thailand

Pixie Dust Cafe is a small cafe located in the back of the store which sells really cute drinks and cakes, they often host events for Kpop fans to where they give away specially designed cup sleeves for idold birthdays and anniversaries so it's worth keeping up with their Instagram to check out when these events are happening. The decor of the shop lives up to its name as it's like something straight out of a fairy tale and their Butter Beer is out of this world, it's so good it's possibly one of the best drinks I've ever had in Bangkok so needless to say I'm a regular there!

What brands do you think should open up their own cafe?
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