15 July 2018

Anime I'm Watching & Loving!


It feels like forever since I've had the chance to really sit down and enjoy some anime, lately I just seem to have no time for TV and it makes me really sad as I really love just relaxing and escaping into a different world for a while but at the same time I'm busy for all the right reasons so I can't complain too much. I'm really out of the loop with all the anime news this year but that might be a blessing as it means I can finally catch up on all the old seasons I missed haha, be sure to leave me some anime recommendations though and let me know what you've been watching so I can add them to my watch list for later.

I finally got round to watching the second season of Umaru-chan after my visit to the pop-up cafe in Akihabara many months ago and I have to say I loved this season just as much as the first, in fact maybe a little bit more as it shows a much softer side to Umaru, yes she's still a lazy, crazy, anime obsessed, junk food eating, otaku but you get to see a different side to her in season 2 and how much she actually cares for her friends and her brother and it's really sweet. This season is a lot more character focused than the first and the side characters all get their own spotlight, I felt like last season it was more about the "fan service" with some characters but this season gives them a bit more backstory and depth and of course there's the typical amusement park and festival episodes which seem to appear in every slice of life anime to enjoy to haha! Umaru-chan is just such a fun series to watch, it's sweet, light-hearted and all to relatable and I hope they'll be more series in the future.

A Day Before Us is a webtoon series from Korea about the blossoming of love and those cute tiny moments when you realise you're really falling for someone. I'm so happy I found this on YouTube that I just had to share, it blends my love of anime and KDramas together so perfectly, from the dreamy animation, the soft colours, the heartfelt soundtrack and super sweet characters I loved it all! This series left me feeling so soft and squishy inside but also a little sad, I mean where's my romance already? But wow I had no idea such a thing existed and I want more, it's so cute and I definitely recommend you checking it out, each episode is only a couple minutes long but will leave you with the warmest, sweetest feeling inside.

Sanrio Boys is basically about a group of boys who come together through their mutual love of Sanrio characters. I honestly was not expecting to love this anime as much as I did and I thought it would be hella cheesy and full of fanservice which I'm not going to lie it was at times I mean you can't go one episode without that obligatory anime abs or shower scene and of course the beach episode but I ain't complaining, I enjoy the cheese as much as the deeper storylines but back to the point I wanted to make is that this anime really touched my heart. At its core it's about not being ashamed to love the things that you love, about wanting to become better person because of the things that you love and surrounding yourself with people who love and encourage you for who you are, and supporting the things that you love even though they may seem out of the box. My high school days seem like a lifetime ago but this was definitely something I relate with and I love that Sanrio is delivering this message to anyone because who cares if you're a guy who loves Sanrio as long as it makes you genuinely happy that's all that matters.

The Reflection was an event that occurred worldwide that caused some people to wake up with super powers, some become heroes, and others villains. So this is an anime which was actually created by Stan Lee so I had to give it a watch. The storyline is similar to Heroes and Inhumans and a lot of the characters share the traits and superpowers of heroes I'd seen before but at times it did get quite confusing as many of the characters seems to appear out of nowhere without any motive or backstory, I was still left confused as to why The Refection happened and why only certain people were affected but I won't get to deep it is what it is a simple super hero story about people gaining powers and their choices about what to do with these powers. It's not an anime I would likely watch again but it was still interesting to see this type of anime and of course Stan Lee making a cameo in it to.

This is the story of six High school students' and their lives that revolve around the convenience store on their way from school. I initially thought this would be some sort of Clerks style anime but it's actually just a regular slice of life, shoujo romance anime and the "combini" hardly features in it! I wasn't too disappointed though as it's still quite cute and very similar to A Day Before Us in terms of storyline although I did find myself getting slightly bored at the repetitive storylines of the different sets of characters towards the end but it was a anime I could relax and not think too much about while watching, again I probably wouldn't watch it again but if you're a fan of high school romance anime then it's worth checking out.

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