27 September 2017

Cute & Geeky Backpack Wishlist

Cute and geeky bags have always been my thing, ever since I was a little kid I would always pick something fun over something practical. There's just something about a cute bag that just makes you feel happy and if you need to carry a bunch of stuff around you all day why not have something that makes you smile with you? Thankfully quirky bags seem to be in style now so there's choices galore and even the designer brands are making them, so here are just a few that have caught my eye recently...

♥ Neko Atsume Crossbody Bag* - Although I've never played this game I just can't resist the kawaii, I mean how cute is this bag? It even looks like kitty is hugging you when you carry it which is such a cute idea I love it!

♥ Loungefly Pok√©mon Goldeen Mini Backpack - As soon as I saw this Goldeen design I fell in love it's absolutely stunning, it's totally understated geek chic! So if you don't want to be too obvious and carry a Pikachu shaped backpack around with you but still want to show off your fandom then Loungefly has you covered.

♥ Reptar Back Buddy Backpack - Rugrats was one of my favourite 90's cartoons so I was so happy to find this totally awesome backpack and it's such a great size to I mean it may not be "Reptar-size" but there's room for a laptop or tablet in there.

♥ Kate Spade Whimsies T-Rex Crossbody - I'm a big dinosaur fan if you didn't already know and I absolutely adore this Kate Spade bag. Kate Spade actually has some really cute designs but they're just a little out of my budget so I'll just admire them from afar...

♥ UFO Star Pattern Iridescent Cute Backpack - Aliens are another one of my obsessions (I even visited Area 51) so this bag is just perfect for me, not only is it UFO shaped but it's holographic to give you that extra space vibe.

What's your favourite cute or nerdy bag?
Love & Dinosaurs

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