15 September 2017

Anime I'm Watching & Loving!


Rainy season has been the perfect time for me to catch up on some anime, I've binged watched my way through several series and I've almost caught up on my watchlist. I thought I would include some movies this time because I know not everyone has the time to invest in watching a whole series and there's some pretty damn awesome anime movies out there which deserve a mention to so I hope you find something on this list that appeals to you.

Takao, a high school student who dreams of becoming a shoemaker encounters a mysterious older woman on a rainy day in Shinjuku Gyoen, they begin to form a relationship which revolves around their unplanned rainy day meetings in the same garden but the rainy season is coming to an end and there's still so much that they don't know about each other and so much left unsaid. This is such a beautiful but melancholy short movie that randomly appeared on my watch list and I'm so glad it did because for starters the animation is absolutely stunning. I love it when animation focus on the small details and aspects of nature like raindrops and leaves blowing in the wind and this anime did that so perfectly and beautifully it added to the mood and atmosphere of the move so well. Although you don't really learn too much about the characters (it's only 45 minutes long!) they're very real and I did relate to their struggles with life and society. I will admit the ending is kind of cliche but I did feel a little teary, definitely give this one a go though it's worth it just to see how beautifully the rain is animated.

A teenage boy from Tokyo city and girl from rural Itomori wake up to find they've magically switched bodies and after having such an impact on each others lives they embark on a quest to finally meet each other in person. This movie is definitely worth all the hype, it's absolutely beautiful and I really loved the storyline and even found myself tearing up at the end. Thankfully I hadn't read too much about this movie before I watched it so the "twist" was a surprise to me and really added to the emotion of the story and the characters, the "twilight scene" was probably one of my favourite scenes in the movie and if you have no idea what I'm talking about then just go watch this movie right now!

Joker Game follows the story of a group of elite trained spies who are part of a special secret agency set on missions around the world to uncover intel prior to Japan's inevitable involvement in WWII. It's been a while since I watched a historical, espionage type anime and watching this reminded me just how much I enjoy and miss watching spy dramas. In fact I ended up watching the whole series in one day and I think 12 episodes was way to short for the amount of characters involved in the story so I hope it gets another season.

Sora and Shiro are sibling NEETs obsessed with the world of gaming, after a strange email challenging them to game a chess they are transported to a world which is run by games. I've been meaning to watch this anime for the longest time after hearing many positive things about it I'm kicking myself for not watching it sooner because it's just so colourful and fun and Shiro is absolutely adorable AND they even referenced Ace Attorney which is one of my favourite games ever! I really loved the world they were in but I suck at all forms of gaming so I probably wouldn't survive as well as Sora and Shiro...

This needs no introduction as I think by now everyone is already caught up on the latest Attack on Titan and is eagerly awaiting season 3 which is apparently due out next year so thank the gods we don't have to wait another 4 years!! I devoured this season far too quickly... I watched all 12 episodes in one go with all the goddamn cliffhangers I just couldn't stop myself! I really enjoyed this season though and the reveal of the Titans had me on edge although I will say one thing which I say all the time NOT ENOUGH LEVI!!

What anime series have you been enjoying recently?
Love & Lemon Tea

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