23 June 2015

Baking Carol's Cookies from The Walking Dead (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Carol's Cookies from The Walking Dead

Hellatus has well and truly set in with all my fave TV shows ending and I'm torn between binge watching previous seasons, watching something new or just trying to do something more productive with my life than sitting in front of a TV expressing all my feels so what better way to spend my time than some fandom cooking...

I made a few little changes to Carol's recipe to cater to my diet by using almond/coconut butter instead of shortening, gluten free flour and vegan chocolate chips all of which I'm guessing would be easily pilfered from your local health food store (or Costco) during a zombie apocalypse.

Carol's Cookies from The Walking Dead

These cookies were delicious and I did what anyone would do and ate the whole damn plate in one night, I get why that kid is so damn obsessed with these cookies now and I think I love Carol a little bit more I mean anyone who can bake cookies during a zombie apocalypse is someone I want on my team!

What would be your must have treat during a zombie apocalypse?
Love & Cookies

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