05 June 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Comic Book Heroes You Would Like To See With Their Own Series Or Movie

Welcome to a new month of #Fandom5 as always hosted by Super Space Chick and The Nerdy Girlie. This lovely new banner was created by Darling Stewie and the topic this week suggested by @JaymFaceeveryone from the Female Geek Bloggers community is getting involved and I love it! Now on to this weeks subject, I have to admit most of my comic book reading comes from seeing characters in film and TV that being said some of my absolute favourite characters are yet to star on screen and yes I'll admit straight off I have a female bias but I mean come on as much as I love Bats and Supes do we really need to see another version of them? The comic book world is rich with amazing and wonderful characters so let's get some more female representation on screen!

Birds of Prey
Ok so this was actually a TV show but I've never seen it and it needs a better theme tune because no one does it better than the Birds of Prey!

Gotham City Sirens
If Girl's Night Out was anything to go by a TV or Movie staring these ladies would be a hella lot of fun, seriously why are we focusing on Batman when there are so many awesome ladies in Gotham?

Rat Queens
Rat Queens would make an amazing TV series or even movie I adore these characters and just how real and crass they are, then add in the fantasy setting with goblins, magic and dragons and you've got something really special.

Ms. Marvel
There's rumors that this is actually happening and I hope with all my heart it is true because we need this! Kamala Khan is such a great character and I instantly fell in love with her after my first reading. If the comics alone can spread such a strong message of love and acceptance imagine what seeing her on the big screen would do!

Spider Ladies of Marvel
It just waaay to hard to pick just one of these ladies and so I chose them all! I actually really love the relationship between Spider-Woman and Black Widow in The Secret Avengers but I also think they would make amazing shows on their own, Black Widow would be a great addition to the spy genre and Spider-Woman would be a great detective. Although Spider-Gwen and Silk are still new characters to me I'm absolutely loving what I've read of them so far and they definitely deserve a spot on screen.

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