12 June 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favourite Fictional Fathers

Father's Day is coming up very soon which makes the subject this week very appropriate! Although my Dad is working abroad and won't be here to celebrate with me I'm very much looking forward to doing some shopping for him because just like me he's a massive geek in fact I think that's probably where I get it from, did I mention there's a photo of me on the Iron Throne next to my graduation photo... my two greatest achievements clearly!

Bryan Mills
"I don't know who you are but if you don't let my daughter go I will find you, and I will kill you" and boy did he do that I mean seriously talk about a bad ass Dad! Not only does he have some super powered skill set he will teach you his ways to, I would totally trust him to get me out of a bad situation and I know for sure he would do anything, ANYTHING to keep me safe and happy.

Ned Stark
I loved Ned so much, he loved his kids so much and did everything he could for them. I love the fact that Ned let Arya learn how to fight and that although she wasn't the typical "Lady" wanting to marry and have lots of beautiful babies he still loved her and made an effort to understand her.

Alfred Pennyworth
Alfred is the heart of Batman and he's always there for Bruce and the whole Bat Family offering, comfort, support and guidance. Alfred is so much more than the family butler he's family!

Homer Simpson
Dad's don't have to be perfect and Homer is definitely not perfect but he has a big heart and he loves his family always trying to do what's best for them and just imagine how crazy and fun life would be if Homer was your Dad.

Howard Stark
Since Agent Carter I've really started to love Daddy Stark I mean you can see exactly where Tony gets his smarts from, he's also very charming to... yeah not sure I'd want him for my Dad that would be kinda weird but he's certainly a very cool dad and interesting character, I also love his dynamic with Peggy they may not "fondue" but they make a great team!

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