18 August 2014

London Film & Comic Con 2014

LFCC 2014

London Comic Con this year was CRAZY! I've been going to this even for a while and this year by far was the most busy with some people waiting as long as 6 hours to get inside luckily we had V.I.P. passes this year so managed to get in quick although there was just so much to do and so many people to meet this year that I hardly had time to cram it all in.

Juliet Landau (Drusilla)

Preview night is normally empty but this year it was so hectic and I spent most of the night in line buying photoshoots but I did managed to meet the awesome Juliet Landau AKA Drusilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and get my box sets signed, Drusilla and Spike were my all time favourite villans on Buffy so it was so cool to meet her.

Captain Americate

Saturday I dressed up as Captain America (again!) as I didn't have time to make a new cosplay for the event I just mixed up my previous Captain America outfits from San Diego and Wales Comic Con and as usual I didn't have much time/forgot to get proper outfit shots but I did manage to get a quick photo on a coffee break outside the infamous Earls Court Tardis.

Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswin Oswald)

My favourite Doctor Who assistant Clara Oswald was there on Saturday so I booked a photoshoot with her but didn't have enough time to go to her talk and signing but I'm happy I got to meet he if only briefly and she said I looked fantastic which was pretty cool!

John Hurt

Speaking of Doctor Who the legend that is John Hurt was there so I got my Watership Down blu ray signed by him and my Dad got his Day of the Doctor DVD signed. Watership Down was my childhood and John Hurt voiced Hazel (Rah) so I had to get it signed, I felt like Watership Down taught me so much when I was younger and John Hurt said that it's a beautiful book and I totally agree.


One of my favourite cosplays of the day was this guy dressed as Emmet from The Lego Movie, it was such a fun outfit although I imagine a bit uncomfortable to walk around in but props to this guy because he looked amazing!!!

Gail Simone

Gail Simone was in the comic area so I got her to sign a few of my favourite comics, I also bought a Wonder Woman script from her as I absolutely loved her Wonder Woman run and I love to see how comics are brought from script to page. I also ordered a the Batgirl #32 DC Bombshells variant which I wanted her to sign but it didn't arrive in time and all the sellers I asked at the con didn't have it but nevermind at least I got to meet her.

Gail Simone Comics

Gail Simone's Birds of Prey was pretty much a gateway series for me and how I got into reading more female centric comics. It's probably the reason why there are so many awesome female led comics now and some great female comic creators in the industry, I almost exclusively read the female led comics now, sorry Batman I still love you though!

Spider Men

As I was leaving on Saturday I passed by a web of Spider-Men so I had to get a photo also note the little Spider-man and extra Spideys in the background, it's good to know we have a few backups should Peter Parker want a day off...

Carrie Fisher Signed Princess Leia Funko 

Sunday was another crazy day meeting lots of Game of Thrones people, which I will save for a separate post, but my first stop was Carrie Fisher because CARRIE FISHER, I waited quite a while to meet her as she arrived late but it was totally worth it she was so sweet and she had her adorable dog Gary sitting next to her, I would have loved to have a photoshoot with the both of them as she wasn't doing photos at her table however I was running short of money by that point but this was more than enough, never in a million years would I have though I'd meet her!

Ghost Funko

These blind box Funko's have been taunting me, I told myself I would resist as they're kinda pricey considering you have no idea what's inside and I was convinced I would end up with 20 Joffrey figures when all I really wanted was Ghost but I caved and I'm glad I did as the first one I bought ended up being the one I REALLY wanted!

Comics Haul 

I bought a lot of comics at the con (20 in total!), some to read and some to do crafty type things with as I don't have a local comic shop I always tend to stock up when I'm at cons. Despite the crowding and craziness I had such a fun time at London Comic Con the guest line-up was amazing this year and hopefully I'll get to go again next year.

Love & Lemonade

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