10 August 2014

The One Where I Met STAN LEE!

Me & Stan Lee

Stan Lee is a comic book legend so when I heard he was doing his last ever European signing at London Film and Comic Con I booked my tickets right away because this would probably be my one and only chance to ever meet him, I mean the guy is 92!

Stan Lee Signed Stuff

As my Dad grew up reading Marvel comics I brought him with me and booked us a couple of VIP passes to meet him which meant we would get priority queuing in photoshoots and signings as well as a "meet and greet" (which didn't really happen) and front row tickets to his talk.

Stan Lee

I have to admit this was the first time I felt quite nervous to meet someone but he was so friendly and appreciative to his fans smiling and thanking them for coming, he must have been so exhausted by the end of the weekend with the amount of autographs he signed and photos he took with people but he didn't look it all. The guy has more energy than I did because I ended up skipping out on the Comic Awards on Starurday night but Stan Lee made it to the very end where as I was passed out in bed!

Stan Lee Signed Stuff

A meet and greet was included but we were all told that Stan Lee was far to tired to come out and meet us as he'd done over 1600 autographs and 2000 pictures that day which we completely understood so we ended up being ushered over to the stage and had an intimate question and answer session with him where he told us about his many cameos and future projects as well as the ones he enjoyed most.

Stan Lee

Stan Lee is such a warm friendly and funny guy who reminded me a lot of my Grandad and he is such an inspiration in positivity. I'm so happy to have got to meet him if only very briefly and get all my favourite Marvel items signed this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and despite all the problems of the weekend it was a magical time and I can't wait to see what Stan Lee's next cameo will be because I hear it's a good one!

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