12 May 2014

The New Man In My Life


Meet Russell our new family member who came into our lives just over one month ago although it feel like a lot longer. Russ is a rescue pup from NCAR and as he was a stray we don't know much about his history but we've been having a lot of fun learning about him and guessing what it may be.


When we first met Russ he was so quiet and shy, he obviously wasn't happy with life at the kennels but now he's a changed dog and so much happier, playful and a little bit chunkier. Giving this little guy a new chance at life has been such a blessing to not only him but us and I'm so happy I could finally convince my Nan to adopt a dog.


I understand how people are reluctant to adopt a rescue dog, it took me a while to convince my Nan, but there are so many adorable pooches out there looking for homes and they honestly are so loving, with any dog you're going to have to put some work in whether you're getting a puppy or an older dog and I know the kennels do their best to take care of these pooches but nothing compares to being part of a family in a forever home, I seriously would have adopted all the dogs there if I could!

A dog with choose you they have great instincts, Russell wasn't the dog we originally planned on adopting, in fact he was the last dog we saw there and was already reserved for another family but things worked in our favour and he turned out to be the perfect match for us. I'll admit I have my favourite type of dogs but every dog I've had has come into my life seemingly randomly and they've always been a perfect fit, so be open minded and embrace the doggie cuddles.

Walkies with the pup are always a crazy fun time

Walkies are always a highlight of my day and they give me a great excuse to explore the beautiful woodlands nearby and Russ loves exploring to, he also loves cuddles which I'm more than happy to give him. I look forward to many more happy days with the pooch and hope we bring as much joy to his life as he brings to us.

Doggie Cuddle & Sloppy Kisses

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