06 February 2013

Daily Outfit: The Rose of Winterfell

The snow came falling down a couple weeks ago much to my delight as I absolutely love snow. There's just something incredibly calming about the way snow falls, it's so graceful and seems to bring a sense of peace and beauty to our landscape, so I decided to join in on the blogger fun and take advantage of its brief visit to play dress up.

Iceland was the last time I wore this outfit and although I very rarely wear Lolita fashion now, having parted with most my wardrobe, I find that because of all the layers it's really suitable for the cold weather. After admiring the fashion for many years this dress from Princess Doll was actually the first Lolita dress I ever bought and remains to be one of my most favourite designs.

These Dr Martens Darcie boots are perfect for frolicking in the snow, believe it or not I've found Ugg boots are pretty much useless outdoors in cold snowy weather and even though these Darcie boots have a heel they have a pretty good grip on the ice and they keep your feet nice and dry which is a must if you're ankle deep in snow!

 Cape/Coat - Topshop
♥ Dress - Princess Doll
♥ Shoes - Dr Martens
 Fur Stole - Vintage
 Floral Crown - Beau xoxo

Snowflakes & Winter Roses

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