06 July 2012

The Frequent Flyer: Ultimate List of Travel Links (Part 2)

It's that time of year again when we're all planning our summer getaways, I'm currently about to embark on an adventure of my own back to my homeland in Thailand so here's a little inspiration for anyone planning their own travels this year and be sure to check out last years Travel Links for even more advice and inspiration!

Solo Travel in a Nutshell - I love travelling alone, it can be quite scary at first but here are some great tips on how to have a solo adventure.

Top Tips For Staying Safe in Asia

5 Free Things to Do in 5 of the Most Expensive Cities - Travel doesn't always have to be expensive with a little research you can find a whole amazing world of things to see and do for free.

City or Sand: What's Your Travel Personality? - As much as I like the idea of visiting a beautiful sandy beach and lazing all day I'm definitely more of a city girl, what about you guys?

100 Incredible Views Out of Airplane Windows

4 Tips for Traveling Without Reducing your Neurotic Parents into Nervous, Gibbering Wrecks - I don't know about you guys but it doesn't matter where I am or that I'm an adult my parents always stress about me when I'm away so it's important to stay in touch and give them a means to contact you just in case there's an emergency.

How To Have A Fabulous, Luxurious Retreat -- & Produce Your Best Work Ever -- Without Leaving Your House! - Because sometimes we just can't jet off someplace quiet, so here's how to have a retreat at home.

How to Be the Best House Guest Ever

How to Travel When You're Not Travelling - If you can't go abroad you can always find some fun things to do at home.

Travel Make Up Kit -I always love seeing what products people like to travel with.

Packing with just a Carry-on Suitcase

How To Pack: Long Weekend City Trip - A great post on what to take away with you, I like to plan my outfits I take away so I don't end up packing too many things.

Fashion District Los Angeles Mini Guide - Some great tips and a great place to visit if you've ever in LA!

The Only 3 Vintage Stores In Los Angeles You'll Ever Need!

My Top 10 Favourite Things About Disneyland - I LOVE Disneyland, and if you've never been you should really aim to go one day as it really is the happiest place on Earth!

10 Tips For Travelling Well: Air Travel - Some great tips to make air travel less stressful.

Why You Should Travel Alone

Do It While You're Young - A great resource full of stories, tips, tricks and deals for planning your own epic adventure.

Tokyo Tips - A great little blog run by the talented and gorgeous artists (and one of my faves) Bei Badgirl after reading this you'll desperately want to jet of to Japan!

5 Things You Can't Miss In Osaka, Japan

Bangkok - Top 5 Culture Shockers - Be warned this can be quite gruesome if you're easily offended, but there's some unusual places on this list if you like your vacations with an added touch of the weird!

15 Golden Rules to Live by While Travelling The World - I love these tips, especially the soap thing as it's something I've never thought of before!

The Sense of Loss in a Big Adventure

Salt Labs - The perfect addition to any adventurers home and would make great gifts to.

Shopping in Hong Kong - A great guide for anyone wanting to visit Hong Kong and seek out some great bargains!

The Birthday Suitcase

Daytrippin' to Macau - Everytime Winnie posts about her trips to Macau it makes me want to visit there so badly!

How to Visit Iceland in a Flying Machine -It's not a secret that I've fallen completely in love with Iceland if you haven't been there yet you should really make plans to do so!

Beautiful Iceland

'Game of Thrones' in the Real World - When two of my biggest passions collide, although I didn't meet the Night's Watch when I was in Iceland the locations I visited which they filmed in were just so spectacular and beautiful, I can't wait to see more of the "real life" Game of Thrones world!

101 things to do in New York City in the winter - Spending Christmas in New York is one of the things on my life list it looks like such an amazing place with so many things to do.

5 Tips For Travelling Alone

Tips For Your Own Brave Adventure - I loved reading about Elizabeth's travels in her Brave, it seemed like such an amazing adventure and something I would love to do one day!

Cute in Korea - An awesome and amazingly cute guide to Korean life by one of my favourite artists Miss Kika

An Ode to Airports

Travel is an experience in perception - "When we travel, we learn as much about ourselves as our destinations" this is so true when I'm on my travels I learn so much about myself and really feel that it makes me who I am.

Adventures & Memories

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