31 July 2012

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (July 2012)

Here I am blogging from my home in Thailand sipping on an ice tea and munching on a mango if only this summer could last forever. I feel like this trip is exactly what I needed to get me inspired and figure out what it is I really want to do in my life so here are a few inspired and fun reads for you to check out this month to get you re-energized and focused:

20 Lazy Girl Summer Beauty Tips - Just a few simple and easy tips to keep you looking fresh and healthy this summer.

Five Manifestos for the Creative Life

Happiness Is Simple: Why Too Many Choices Make Us Miserable & 5 Ways To Improve Your Life! - This is a great article with some interesting thoughts from my fave blogger Gala Darling, I do believe that less can be more and far too often we like to complicate our lives when the simplest option really is the best.

The Secret - This is quite an interesting concept and I think at it's core it's trying to get us to think about our lives in a more positive light and being positive is something I always strive very hard to be.

That's Why You Don't Have Any Friends

5 Ways to Use Impulsivity as (jet) Fuel For Your Dream - Some times being impulsive is the best way to get things done!

How To Style Long Hair Short - This is such a cute look and would be perfect to wear on a hot summer day

A Simple Prescription for Natural Healing

I Fly Solo & I Love It - I absolutely love my alone time sometimes it's nice to just go out and do something nice for yourself without having to worry about anyone else.

D.I.Y. Flower Crown - I want to make so many of these for myself this summer.

5 Things Every Blog Should Have

Hello Kitty Beauty Spa - I would absolutely love to visit this spa, I'm such a Hello Kitty fan and this just looks puuuurfect!

Writing in the Dark - I find I'm at my most creative past midnight a trait which I'm sure my fellow bloggers/crafters share to!

Why You Should Take a Career Sabbatical

Two Dollars - Life is made for living, there's no point sitting on a mountain of money if you don't use it to enjoy life.

3 Things to Know When Buying SPF This Summer - It makes me so happy to hear they're getting serious with suncare and that those number will actually mean something now!

50 Ways to Say You're Awesome

Life is a Bowl of Chocolate Truffles - This is such a happy mix I had to share it, play it in the moring and it will put you in a great mood for the rest of the day.

Messy Chunky Beach Waves - The perfect mermaid style for the summer

Summer City Shoes

How To Tie The Perfect Chignon Bun - Buns are a great summer look and perfect for those hot and  sweaty days.

Sunshine & Cocktails

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