30 June 2012

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (June 2012)

June has been an amazing month for me what with comic con, catching up with friends, trying new things as well as making preparations for my summer in Thailand I've been in high spirits all month and I'm even more excited for what July will bring so here's just a few things to brighten your day:

10 Tips on How to Feel Beautiful Everyday - These are some great little tips to bring some cheer and start your day with.

Elsie's Organization Tips

An Un-Guide to Breaking Up - This is a beautiful and honest piece which is a great read for anyone going through a tough time.

Lady Gaga Fan Fashion in Japan - I just love how much effort these fans have made with their outfits they're just amazing and I'm sure Gaga appreciated them to.

Sarah Burton by Sarah Jessica Parker

It's OK for Intellectual Feminists To Like Fashion - A great interview with some nice advice for bloggers.

Uncomfortable in our skin: the body-image report - This is a really interesting yet terrifying read it's really  hits home the need for us to find a way to love ourselves and stop making ourselves miserable about our own skin.

47 Ways To Love Yourself Better Than You Do Right Now

The Key To Beauty & Acceptance is You - This is so true, loving ourselves is the hardest thing to do.

The Essential Guide To Fearless Blogging - Some great tips here if you've written of thinking of writing something you may think is controversial.

In Praise Of Calling It Quits: What To Do When You're Burned Out, & How To Get Your Spark Back

How To Start Your Blog With A Bang - Some great tips for new bloggers or anyone looking to improve their own blog

Actually, We’re All Kind of the 1% -A really great article with some very interesting thoughts.

Creation Vs. Curation: Why removing credit is bloody rude.

The Quarter Life Anti-Crisis - I must admit I went through a kind of quater life crisis when I turned 25 but I've come to realise that age is only a number and that you're only as old as you feel, live life by your own rules.

This I know. Learn(ed) from others. From (painful) experience. You choose. - Every hurt is a lesson, your mistakes make you a better person if you only learn from them

How To Stop Dwelling On The Life You Could Be Living

The Five Rules of Inner Freedom - These are very true and wise words!

How to Clean Your Brushes -A nice little turotial for keeping your make-up brushes clean

My Own Private Beauty Myth

How To Do Your Own Hair - I will definitely be trying out quite a few of these styles they're so simple to do and the tutorials are really easy to follow.

Rainbows & Sunflowers

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