31 March 2012

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (March 2012)

Can you believe we're already a quarter of the way through 2012?! It's been a tough few months but I'm starting to feel like my plans are finally starting to come together, I've been in some dire need for inspiration, motivation and just a good laugh this past month so here are a few things which I've enjoyed this month.

10 Things to Remind Yourself on a Daily Basis - If you're having a hard time these a some good things to remind yourself of, write them down in your journal, filofax, mirror etc. so you have something to look at when you're having a hard day.

How Do I Stay Motivated?

On Childhood Wonder and Clouds Made of Dough - This is such a sweet little post which really made me smile.

by Dreifachzucker
10 Myths About Introverts - A very interesting read, I do get told quite a lot that I'm an introvert  and I find quiet a few of these points very relatable.

62 Extraordinary People Reveal How They Had The Courage To Follow Their Dreams

30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself - Love this list it's a great way to try and turn yourself into a more positive thinker and enjoying the little things life throws your way.

by Nirrimi
How I Stay Productive and Get Massive Amounts of Shit Done - As someone who constantly procrastinates this is something I really need to take note of!

A Day in the Life of the Internet

Venting -  Don't worry George we've all been there, sometimes as much as we would love to do everything we can saying no is the better option.

by Jena Ardell
Tips For Taking Your Own Outfit Photos - I'm definitely taking notes as there has been a great lack of outfit posts on this blog lately and it's something I would like to start sharing again.

9 Movies With Inspiring Style

5 Tips For Capturing Emotion in Photos - I must admit one of the reasons for my lack of fashion/outfit posts is that I find myself looking artificial so these are some great tips on making myself look more natural.

by Hakanphotography
Stop Writing on the Internet to Make People Love You - An interesting read, sometimes you just have to ignore the negativity and gain some perspective on the situation.

Comparing Yourself to Others

A Simple Prescription for Natural Healing - Such an honest and great post be sure to check it out.

By AnneKo
It's Okay to Not Be Okay - Such a touching story and a lesson to us all that sometimes it's ok to express your pain and dealing with the hurt makes us so much more stronger

Fasten your seatbelt: 13 practical ways to face your fear, take control and conquer anxiety and phobia

She Who Tries Wins - Because we should never feel discouraged to chase after our dreams no matter how ridiculous everyone else thinks they may be

by neon.tambourine
How to Fix Broken Makeup - This is a great little tip and means I can be less wasteful with some of my broken powders

Disney Character Inspired Outfits

20 Principles Of Success Not Taught In School - There are some things that you just don't learn in school and these are a few things that I wish I knew back when I was a stupid kid

Orchids & Glitter

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