20 March 2012

A Lomo View On... The Animal Kingdom

I love animals and they're definitely my favourite things to photograph especially with my lomography cameras. Looking through all the photographs I've taken it's been hard to pick out my faves but I think the one above taken of a Killer Whale in Seaworld San Diego, which actually was one of my very first shots with my fisheye, has to be one of the ones I'm most impressed with.

One of the most interesting things about lomography is the different effects each camera can give, I often photograph the same things with multiple cameras so I can compare the results and see which camera is better suited to certain subjects and locations, the two above were taken with a Holga (left) and Baby Holga (right) and although taken at the same place at the same time they are completely different and give the impression of a completely different atmosphere.

I have to admit when it comes to animal photos the fisheye is the best for getting up close and personal, I really love the effect the fisheye lense gives as the results can be both hilarious and bizarre, but I do have to be careful not to get too close to the animals just incase they decide my camera is their lunch!

My two favourite animals, Bo (left) and James (right), I absolutely love how my Holga has managed to capture the different personalties of each of my pooches in these photos, although my wolfie Bo is no longer with us this photo will always be one of my favourites of him and the one we remember him most by.

OK I can't take credit for this "Smiling Buffalo" photo as it was actually taken by my nephew who I lent my camera to for the day out we had in a Buffalo Village in Thailand, but I absolutely love this shot just for the fact that there is an animal grinning to the camera, see sometimes even animals like to smile for the camera!

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