08 March 2012

Beauty Blitz: Super Sonic Skincare

It seems like everyone and their aunt has been raving on about Clarisonic, my mum bought one a few years back and after seeing a vast improvement in her skin she very kindly lent it to me for a week to try out last summer and since then I've wanted so badly to get one for myself, so I finally got my wish as for Christmas my mum (isn't she amazing!) got me a little lavender Clarisonic Mia.

My skin was in an absolutely shocking state after the holidays (just see the picture below!), I admit I do get the occasional spot which is usually hormonal but this was full blown acne now doubt caused by my over indulgence and  lack of sleep and it was the worse I had suffered from in years so I couldn't have received my little Clarisonic at a better time!

What a hideous mugshot right? Well this just goes to show you exactly how bad my skin looked at the beginning of January! I have combination skin, enlarged pores and blackheads on my chin and nose, I get dry patches on my cheeks, and my chin and nose can also get quite oily at times to. I also suffer from spots which are usually hormonal and focused around my chin so this particular outbreak was quite bad for me but the perfect time put my new Clarisonic to the test.

This is what I looked life after my first use, I let it run twice over my skin focusing on my main problem areas using my usual tea tree cleanser and already I can see a mild improvement in my skin, I wasn't expecting the acne to suddenly disappear but my skin definitely felt softer and smoother and my complexion much more bright.

This is my skin after using my Clarisonic twice a day for a week and you can already see a massive improvement in my skin, it looks fresher, more radiant, and has managed to rid me of most of those pesky pimples. I should also mention that I had abandoned my high fat, high sugar holiday diet and was eating a lot more healthily to so no doubt that had a positive effect on my skin to.

A couple weeks into using my Clarisonic I was noticing that it was bringing out some deep spots and clogged pores so I broke out slightly again but these soon went away and my skin cleared up majorly to give me a more even skintone. I also noticed that my moisturisers and serums we're absorbing into my skin better and that my foundation seemed to go on a lot smoother with out the need to use a base. This photo was taken at the end of January so as you can see there was a massive improvement here from the beginning of the month.!

After 30 days had passed and my skin had cleared up I decided to switch to a more gentle routine only using my Clarisonic once a day mostly at night, these are just a few of the products I used during January and February (some I discuss in my monthly faves) and I also tend to switch them up depending on how my skin is like that day, if I have spots I'll use more tea tree or if it's feeling dry I'll use something more hydrating.

The Clarisonic is definitely a must have beauty product especially if you have problem skin, as well as deep cleaning your skin and reducing acne it also exfoliates to get rid of dry skin to. The Clarisonic is quite pricey but good skin is definitely worth investing in and overall my skin looks and feels so much more smoother and fresher which is something it hasn't been for a long time and it has definitely built my confidence, so if you're thinking of investing in one I fully recommend it.

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